Do I Need Rehab For Alcohol Abuse Or Dependence?

signs you need alcohol rehab
“How can I tell if I need alcohol rehab?” It’s a question we hear all the time, and unfortunately, there’s no firm dividing line to act as an answer. Our culture is full of “on/off” conventional wisdom for determining if you’re an alcoholic, such as “Only alcoholics drink alone” or “If you drink before noon, you’re an alcoholic.” But these … Read More

How To Tell If A Loved One Is Abusing Cocaine

signs of cocaine abuse
Cocaine is no joke— it can tear apart families and ruin lives. While often romanticized in movies and media as the rock star’s drug of choice, in real life it’s a costly and debilitating habit that does irreparable harm to its users’ bodies and their minds. If you’re worried that somebody you love is developing … Read More