5 Ways Alcohol Impacts Your Body

effects of alcohol
Alcohol has its place in our society. Whether you’re drinking celebratory cocktails or melancholy spirits, alcohol seems to fit in with any context. Often, when people are drinking, they don’t think to count how much alcohol they are consuming. This can lead to alcohol poisoning, a deadly consequence of drinking too much. Even the slightest bit … Read More

Inpatient Rehab: What to Expect In An Inpatient Program

inpatient rehab
If your loved one is in need of treatment for a drug or alcohol abuse, do you know what your options are? Addiction does not give— it takes, and deprives. You and I both know addiction can be disempowering, both to people living with an addiction and for the family and friends who love them. … Read More

What Is Outpatient Rehab Like?

What is Outpatient Rehab Like
Sadly, only a small portion of those who are suffering from addiction end up seeking treatment. If you’ve made the decision to get the treatment you need and finally attend rehab it’s important you go to the right kind of treatment program. There are a variety of rehab options available for those seeking relief from their … Read More

Crisis Intervention: Put Your Own Mask on First

crisis intervention seven steps
Imagine you’re on an airplane, sitting next to someone you love. Suddenly, there’s turbulence, shaking. The captain makes and announcement, and a passenger two seats down makes a joke.  But when cabin pressure drops, as do the masks… Everyone’s afraid. No matter how many times you insist your loved one put on their mask, they … Read More

Is It Okay To Force Someone To Go To Rehab?

Unhappy Teenage Couple In Urban Setting
Addiction is a problem that is painful for family members because it damages family connections and dynamics.  Addicts can become a danger to themselves or to the people around them if they do not seek help or go to rehab. So what steps should you take once you recognize a loved one is living with … Read More