How To Avoid A Relapse in Recovery

how to avoid a relapse and stay sober
Getting sober is not easy. It might take several tries. It takes changing every aspect of your life. It takes learning how to cope, how to incorporate new skills into everyday life, and how to live a life free from drugs and alcohol. Did you know people who do not seek help for their addiction … Read More

How To Help A Loved One Seeking Addiction Treatment

Tips When Seeking Rehab
Knowing help is needed can be a breakthrough in years of pain. Coming to the conclusion that you can’t do it on your own is tough. You may feel weak, incapable, or like you failed. Addiction is a sensitive subject to say the least and approaching these feelings with a friend or family member is … Read More

How to Help Someone With A Drug Addiction and Depression

family member helping a loved one struggling with drug addiction and depression
There’s nothing harder than watching a loved one in pain. Seeing someone you care about deeply, struggling with the disease of addiction, can be intense and heartbreaking. What can make addiction even harder to deal with is a dual diagnosis. Addiction combined with other illnesses like depression or anxiety can complicate an already overwhelming situation. … Read More