10 Benefits of Drug Rehab in Washington State

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Some goals are easily reached; others are hard. Becoming clean and sober is typically one of the harder goals for people to achieve, which may be why so many have a difficult time choosing to participate in rehab.

If getting through rehab is the goal, it may not be perceived as a reward big enough to offset the pain of the road to recovery. We propose that drug rehab is not the goal, but rather, that it is the means to a greater goal – enjoying the benefits of becoming free of your addiction. It is those benefits that you are striving for in rehab.

The Personal Benefits

  1. You will learn the facts about addition. It is easy to be trapped by what you do not understand. In the area of addiction recovery, knowledge is power. Knowing how addiction works can help you fight it successfully. Knowledge gives you the first piece of the puzzle to the way out of the cycle of addiction.
  2. You will learn how to avoid the trap of addiction in the future. Rehab gives you the tools you need to identify and avoid the traps and triggers that lead to addiction in the first place. This leads to a brighter future for you and for those who love you.
  3. You will learn more about yourself. Rehab will reveal to you things that you may never have understood about who you are, why you think the way you do, and how you make choices.
  4. You will learn to form better habits and make wiser choices. Learning why you do things is insight. Learning how to do things better is the next step. That includes knowing yourself better and being comfortable being you, knowing how to better approach life in general, and how to make wiser choices that lead to pleasant outcomes. You will be better equipped to cope with life without the need for drugs or alcohol.
  5. You will have a normal life. You can regain the respect of others, secure a good job, be a better spouse and parent, and be your parent’s pride and joy. You will be able to restore and renew relationships as well as form new, healthy ones.
  6. You will have an ongoing support system available. You know that “alone” feeling that you have in the throes of addiction. What you may not realize is that there will always be people pulling for you and available to work with you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Broader Benefits

Your addiction has hurt other people, even though you may not realize it. It has hurt your family and your real friends and it has hurt your community at large.

  1. Impact on crime. Did you know that there is evidence that, in some areas, 25 percent of all people in drug rehab have been referred by the criminal justice system? That being true, it is reasonable to expect that crimes being committed by addicts should be reduced proportionately.
  2. Impact on the economy. The Attorney General’s Office for the State of Washington has issued more than $2.7 million dollars in grants to agencies whose mission it is to reduce addiction to prescription drugs. That is $2.7 million of taxpayer money that could be allocated for other things.
  3. Impact on mortality rate. Technically the mortality rate for Washingtonians is the same as for everyone else: 100 percent. Drug dependency does not increase the rate, but it does increase the number who die unnecessarily each year because of addiction. In 2015, 718 Washingtonians died prematurely due to opioid overdose.
  4. Impact on freedom. You probably did not see that one coming. Think about it. Not only does rehab free you from being enslaved to drugs, it frees those around you to be free to interact with you free from the fear that you may be using and free from the despair of knowing that you are.

Addicts seldom realize how many people are ready to stand by them, to help them make it to and through rehab, and to continue to help them build a better life. Ultimately, that is the overarching benefit of rehab: a better life. There are people who are ready to put forth the effort if you are. We would be happy to join them and to guide you to that goal – the benefit of a better life. Contact us today.