Alcohol Detox: 5 Things You Should Know

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An alcohol use disorder is a chronic disease. The first step for many people is to detoxify their bodies from alcohol. However, you may find the idea of alcohol detox frightening because you do not know much about it beyond what you might have seen in the media.

What really happens to a person in detox? How can you choose the right program? What should you expect during your stay? Big journeys start with a single step. Alcohol detox is that first step on getting the help you need to get back on track and live alcohol-free.

Understanding Detox

An alcohol use disorder involves a physical and psychological craving that can be managed during addiction treatment. Detox is a medically assisted way to deal with the sudden withdrawal from alcohol, which can cause painful and debilitating symptoms ranging from anxiety to hallucinations and seizures.

How do you know if you need detox? If you need alcohol to feel normal, then an alcohol use disorder may be present. In this instance, detox might be needed. Medical detox occurs in a clinical setting where you can safely manage withdrawal symptoms and start to your road to recovery.

What to Expect During Detox

The first step in treatment is usually an intake exam that includes a history and physical and mental health assessment. During detox, as withdrawal begins, you may receive medication to help with the uncomfortable and sometimes serious symptoms that occur. A clinical team typically monitors this process. As the chemicals leave your body, you will begin to receive counseling and support to help you learn new behaviors to cope with your disease.

The Two Primary Settings of Treatment

Alcohol detox typically occurs in a clinical environment, but additional addiction treatment can occur in an inpatient or outpatient setting. The inpatient treatment occurs in a clinical setting where you live as you undergo treatment. In less severe cases, you may use outpatient treatment, where you live at home but attend a clinic during the day to receive treatment.

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Detox can be the first step toward saving a life.

What Questions to Ask the Detox Facility

Washington state addiction treatment resources include many choices for alcohol detox. Before deciding on a treatment center, ask about the types of insurance plans that the facility accepts. Is the facility licensed and what kind of medical support will you receive? What types of counseling does the facility offer? What about support after detox is over?

How Long Rehab Lasts

If you are attending residential alcohol rehab, the stay generally runs from one month to 90 days. Generally, the longer you can stay, the more likely you are to learn ways to better manage your alcohol use disorder. There is also partial hospitalization stays of a week or two to get you through initial alcohol detox. Your follow-up care should include intensive therapeutic support.

Finding out more about alcohol detox starts with one simple call. Understanding what happens during alcohol detox and after is a positive step that can save your life. To learn more about admissions to The Recovery Village Ridgefield’s residential treatment facility, call now.