How to Choose the Right Seattle Drug Rehab

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Seattle drug rehab

There are a variety of treatment options available for those looking for help with a substance use disorder. This article examines the different types of rehab programs available and explores factors that you must consider before entering a rehab program.

Types of Seattle Drug Rehab Facilities

Over the years, treatment facilities and procedures have been revamped as more has been learned about the stubborn disease of addiction. Generally, most facilities focus first on detoxifying the body, then on treating the mind and getting to the root of the behaviors that led and then contributed to the disease.

Because addiction is such a complicated disease, treatment typically focuses on physical, psychological, behavioral, and social issues that stem from the illness. Detoxing should always be followed by a clinical assessment and referral to a Seattle drug rehab clinic.

The latest addition to addiction treatment modalities has been medical withdrawal (MAT), where the complex and potentially dangerous process of eliminating the drug or alcohol is eased with clinically prescribed medications. However, some Seattle drug rehab facilities do not manage the symptoms of withdrawal with addiction medications.

Seattle drug rehab

Consult an addiction treatment specialist to help you make the right decisions about treatment.

Another difference in Seattle drug rehab facilities is the type of program available. For example, there are:

  • Inpatient drug or alcohol treatment centerswhich could be short-term modalities that seek to safely detoxify substance users while preparing them for long-term treatment and recovery.
  • Residential treatment, which offers around the clock care in a comfortable, home-like setting.
  • Partial hospitalization, which typically allows the patient to commute to and from the facility for therapeutic treatment.
  • Outpatient treatment is another type of at-home/facility-related treatment. Patients can live at home and commute to treatment in a Seattle drug or alcohol treatment facility.
  • Addiction Aftercare is the maintenance play for staying clean and sober, and many Seattle drug rehab facilities make it a point to offer these services because they understand rehabilitation is a life-long journey.

While these are some of the types of treatment available, which is best for you and your family?

Which Seattle Drug Rehab to Choose?

Of course, determining what type of Seattle drug rehab you need depends upon the illness itself. Unfortunately, insurance coverage also may play a factor in what type of treatment you receive. Obtaining a substance abuse assessment from an outpatient addiction provider is a necessary first step toward determining what treatment is right for you.

Could outpatient treatment really provide enough support? What if admissions to an inpatient unit might make more sense? Should your treatment include a hospital stay? Contact Seattle drug rehab for the best advice and treatment determinants.

One consideration is whether you might have co-occurring disorders, which simply means there is more than one disease state present in the body. Many times mental illness is masked through self-medication with alcohol or drugs. If this is a possibility in your case, look for treatment facilities that can tend to these special needs.

However, your treatment should depend on the type and intensity of addiction, the available resources, and other factors that dictate your time in Seattle drug rehab. Finding the individual treatment modality that is best for you and your family is the number one goal of our team.

To learn more about admissions, contact us today and discuss your treatment options with an addiction specialist. We are one short phone call away. Why not contact us now?