Finding Help for Co-Occurring Conditions in Washington State Drug Rehab

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More than seven million Americans struggle with co-occurring mental health disorders. Having both a mental health and a substance abuse disorder means that it is likely that the “squeaky wheel will get the grease”, meaning that the disorder that causes the most problems will probably receive treatment, while the co-occurring disorder will be left untreated. 

According to recent research, fewer than 10 percent of adults with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders receive treatment for both diseases, and more than 50 percent do not receive treatment for either disorder. This article explores the importance of seeking help for addiction and co-occurring disorders in Washington State drug rehab.

Co-Occurring Disorders and Washington State Drub Rehab

The National Institute of Health (NIH) has released findings that show that the U.S. adult population with both a substance and an alcohol addiction issue is woefully undertreated. Only 9.1 percent of those addicted received treatment for both disorders and 52.5 percent received no treatment for either alcohol or substance abuse.  

For the individuals that did receive treatment, their disorders were more serious and many were involved in the criminal justice system or had severe psychiatric problems. 

The study suggested that the reasons people did not receive treatment for both disorders included:

  • The inability to pay for treatment.
  • A lack of understanding as to where to seek care.
  • The perception that they did not need the help.

Understanding Co-Occurring Disorders

Mental health issues are often the cause of substance abuse disorders. These complex ailments affect how the brain functions. Individuals often seek substances like drugs or alcohol to tamp down or mitigate the effects of the mood or behavioral disorder from which they suffer. When these disorders are co-occurring, they are even more complicated to treat than a solo disease.

Washington state drug rehab

There is a way out of this. We can help.

The stigma felt by people with mental disorders is compounded when a second disorder is added to the mix. Some Americans believe that people with mental illness are dangerous or they have a character flaw that keeps them from “getting it together.” Yet science has proven that these disorders are diseases of the brain; for instance, depression is a disease like any other, yet society has been slow to follow the science.

The truth is that the majority of people with mental illness do not prove dangerous to others. Mental disorders and the addictions they spawn wreak havoc on the individual, the family, and society at large. In 2017, a Bureau of Justice report showed that more than one-third of all those incarcerated in the prison system and one-half of everyone in jail suffered at one time from mental illness. Almost 60 percent of the inmates in prison and a slightly higher number of inmates in local jails were addicted to drugs when they were incarcerated.

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