Quotes to Remember in Washington State Drug Rehab

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Sometimes you just need a little inspiration. That is true for anyone, but most especially true for those in recovery. Recovering from substance use can be hard on those coping with the mental and psychological factors tied to their addiction. Recovery can also be hard on the family members and loved ones that are always a part of the journey.

This article shares a number of inspiring quotes designed to help those in addiction treatment to achieve and maintain sobriety. You can do this, and we hope these voices will help.

Voices From Washington State Drug Rehab

Washington State drug rehab is designed to provide medical assistance to help substance users through withdrawal, then provide therapeutic approaches designed to work on the psychological addiction that comes from these drugs. Part of this therapy includes individual and group counseling. The benefit of the group experience is to help addicts understand the commonalities amongst substance users. Talking to people that are going through the same thing you are is always helpful; you are not alone.

Some of the quotes we found on GuideDoc may surprise you. In fact, some of the most famous people you have heard about are also recovering substance users. This disease affects all kinds of people, including celebrities.

Samuel L. Jackon has one of the most famous and recognizable voices you have ever heard. He raised it one day to join the millions of others struggling with substance use. It was one of the hardest things he has ever done.

“I guess the worst day I have had was when I had to stand up in rehab in front of my wife and daughter and say ‘Hi, my name is Sam and I am an addict.” ― Samuel L. Jackson

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You can do this.

Charlie Sheen liked to make us laugh on Two and a Half Men, but his struggles with addiction have been emotionally devastating for everyone that loved his work.

“There was a reason my first substantial role after rehab was to play a maniac whose personal story ended badly. I knew what it was like to go to those dark places. I played a guy who died as a result of his abuse.” ― Charlie Sheen

No one will forget Carrie Fisher, who played beloved Princess Leia in the original Star Wars movies. Her insights about addition have outlived her life.

“I mean, that’s at least in part why I ingested chemical waste – it was a kind of desire to abbreviate myself. To present the CliffNotes of the emotional me, as opposed to the twelve-column read. I used to refer to my drug use as putting the monster in the box. I wanted to be less, so I took more – simple as that. ― Carrie Fisher, Wishful Drinking

TV icon and Friends star, Matthew Perry, said, “If I don’t have sobriety, I don’t have anything.”

Finally, and perhaps most poignantly from the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill W., who said, “No personal calamity is so crushing that something true and great can’t be made of it.”

Washington State addiction treatment centers have many people just like you, struggling to get clean. Come and share your journey with us. To learn more about admissions, call now.