Understanding How Medical Detox Works in Washington State Rehab

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The National Institute of Health (NIH) states: “Detoxification safely manages the physical symptoms of withdrawal.” Medical detox is the first stage of treatment for substance users and marks the beginning of what may be a long journey toward regaining health.

This article explains what medical detox is and how it works. It also discusses one facility devoted to this treatment in Vancouver, Washington.

Medical Detox and Washington State Drug Rehab

Medically assisted detoxification is the safest way to help addicts with the physical challenges inherent in weaning people from a chemical substance. It is only the beginning of an effective, life-saving treatment that also includes counseling and other behavioral therapies to help the substance user recover.

The types of drugs used in medically assisted detoxification in Washington State drug rehab can include methadone, naltrexone, or levo-alpha-acetylmethadol (LAAM) for those addicted to opioids or heroin. Buprenorphine is also an effective treatment. 

These medications are given under the care of licensed clinical providers, and ongoing treatment is provided by clinical teams and behavioral and psychiatric counselors trained in treating substance use disorders. This includes treatment of co-occurring diseases such as depression or other mental illness and substance abuse.

According to the NIH, studies show that medically assisted treatment is effective in reducing substance abuse and aiding recovery in 40 to 60 percent of all cases.

Why Medication-Assisted Treatment Makes Sense

Withdrawal can be an extremely painful process as the body revolts when the chemical substance that the addict has become dependent upon leaves the body. This abrupt discontinuation of the substance that the body has grown addicted to can cause acute anxiety and flu symptoms, nausea, headaches, muscle cramping, and even seizures. 

This is a dangerous time for the substance user beginning recovery. Medication-assisted therapy eases symptoms and prevents acute symptoms that could threaten the person’s life, such as in the case of withdrawal from alcohol. The dosage of medication to ease these symptoms is gradually tapered off until the person recovers. 

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Tapering off the substance in a gradual process causes less suffering in the patient.

Of course, there is another danger. Without medical assistance, the substance user may relapse in order to stop the pain and suffering felt from the withdrawal. Washington State drug rehab facilities are designed to help people ease past the dangerous symptoms of withdrawal and facilitate healing through a variety of therapeutic approaches. One such facility is the Village Ridgefield Detox Center in Vancouver, Washington.

Washington State Drug Rehab Grand Opening 

In early March 2018, The Recovery Village Ridgefield opened their new facility devoted to medically assisted detox. This new unit offers 16 beds devoted to medically assisted detox in a state-of-the-art treatment facility. For adults struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, this Washington State drug rehab facility offers clinical expertise in a safe, comfortable environment designed around supportive care. There is simply no better facility in the Pacific Northwest that provides the full continuum of care for adults that are ready to begin recovery.

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