What Is Outpatient Rehab Like?

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What is Outpatient Rehab Like
Sadly, only a small portion of those who are suffering from addiction end up seeking treatment. If you’ve made the decision to get the treatment you need and finally attend rehab it’s important you go to the right kind of treatment program. There are a variety of rehab options available for those seeking relief from their drug and alcohol addictions. But, how do you choose the right drug and alcohol treatment program that’s going to lead to a successful recovery? How do you determine which one will fit your lifestyle and addiction best? For some addicts, is outpatient rehab is the ideal program for them. However, this style of rehab isn’t effective for every kind of addiction. Below we cover what outpatient rehab actually is, how it differs from inpatient treatment, and the overall effectiveness of outpatient treatment.

What is Outpatient Rehab?

Outpatient rehab is a form of treatment where you will go to a treatment center during the day and return to your home, or a sober living facility at night. Depending upon the extent of your outpatient rehab, sometimes this treatment will take place in a hospital-like setting. Outpatient rehab usually includes counseling, whether group or individual, and support for overcoming your addiction. Outpatient care usually ranges from one to three months depending on the severity of the addiction. Outpatient treatment is usually shorter than inpatient treatment, as those who end up choosing outpatient rehab are at less of a risk of relapse than those who require inpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment is also commonly offered to those who have already completed inpatient treatment, or an intensive detox.

Outpatient vs. Inpatient Treatment

Outpatient rehab programs offer more freedom and flexibility than inpatient treatment and other rehab programs. The main selling point of outpatient programs is they allow those seeking treatment to maintain their previous commitments to work, school, and family. This allows patients to maintain a greater level of anonymity and privacy, as they won’t have to give up day-to-day activities for an extended stay at a treatment center. Generally, this kind of treatment is best suited for those who haven’t been battling their addiction for years. Inpatient treatment programs demand a full-time commitment and often cost a lot more as a result. However, they’re more equipped to handle addictions that are more severe and further along, and can help to reduce your risk of relapse due to significantly reduced temptation and general methodology.

Does Outpatient Treatment Work?

If you simply can’t afford inpatient treatment, due to time or financial constraints, then outpatient treatment can still be a great choice for your needs. However, to reduce your chances of relapse you’ll need to have a few things in place first.

1. No History or Relapse or Addiction

Outpatient rehab is less effective for those who have a history of relapse or addiction. Residential treatment for these individuals will be a better choice, due to the lack of exposure to drugs and alcohol throughout the duration of the treatment, as well as access to a full-time support staff.

2. A Healthy Home Environment

Having a healthy and supportive home environment or living situation is paramount for a successful recovery. Since you won’t be living full-time at the facility it’s paramount that you’re spending the rest of your time in a setting that supports your sobriety.

3. Personal Health and Support

Your personal health might be at such a poor level, that you won’t be able to make it through recovery without the help of medical staff. If you’re too far along in your addiction and the detox phase demands medical assistance, then you’re better off finding an inpatient treatment center to meet your needs. If your health can support the initial detox, or you’ve already gone through an intensive detox, thenoutpatient treatmentmay be effective in getting you through the initial withdrawal symptoms and onward towards sobriety. If you’re interested in an outpatient treatment that will finally help you overcome your addiction, then reach out to the trained staff at Ridgefield Recovery today.