How Is Motivational Interviewing Used in Addiction Treatment?

A therapist actively listens to her client as part of a therapy session.
Most people want to be listened to. But that’s only part of what makes the motivational interviewing technique so effective as part of addiction treatment. As a science, motivational interviewing is part of behavioral therapy that has been empirically proven to be an effective part of the standard clinical practice of addiction treatment. Motivational Interviewing … Read More

How to Celebrate National Recovery Month

Chalkboard saying "Thank You"
In September we celebrate Labor Day to honor the efforts of American men and women in the workforce. But there is another special day in September that celebrates the hard work and effort of women and men in recovery from mental and substance use disorders. This article will show some of the ways to enjoy … Read More

Meth: The Biggest Killer in Oregon’s Battle with Illicit Drugs

Man cooking meth
Willamette Week calls meth Oregon’s drug of choice; the low-cost and high availability make it attractive, especially to the state’s homeless population. U.S. News & World Report says deaths from meth addiction in Oregon are on the rise. This article will take a look at Oregon’s increasing number of meth-related deaths over the past few years. Where are … Read More

The Short Guide to EAP Programs for Addiction Treatment

Smiling workers
As the opioid addiction crisis stretches into every aspect of daily life, employee assistance programs (EAPs) can help people caught in the terrible cycle of living with substance use disorder. An EAP can be a lifeline for both employees and employers; data suggests that, of the 14.8 million Americans that currently use illegal substances, 70 … Read More

5 Ways to Support Addiction Recovery with Good Nutrition

Variety of plants in bottles
Everyone has heard the phrase, “You are what you eat.” In the case of substance use, a person trying to detox has been consuming what is, in effect, poison. That makes nutrition even more important to addiction recovery. This article explores the connection between good nutrition and addiction recovery. How does proper nutrition help an … Read More

Three Ways Sobriety Changes Your Life for the Better

Woman sitting on a beach
The benefits of sobriety are truly endless. From lengthening the years you get to live a healthy life to bringing you a sense of inner peace and serenity, fighting against a substance use disorder is worth the challenges that may come through the recovery process. The benefits of addiction treatment far outweigh the hurdles of … Read More

Morphine Dependence or Addiction: What Is the Difference?

Formula with pills
Morphine is a commonly prescribed opioid pain reliever. The drug is most commonly prescribed in hospital settings for acute pain relief. It works by binding to the brains pain receptors and altering how pain is perceived. It also creates mood changes, euphoria, and lightheadedness. One big problem with morphine is that it is highly addictive. … Read More

What Aftercare Options Are Available When You Leave Rehab?

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The hard work undertaken in rehab is just the first step in a series of steps that help you regain control of your life. Addiction treatment helps you withdraw from the terrible grip of addiction and learn coping mechanisms to help you uncover the underlying cause of your addiction. Once addiction treatment in rehab is … Read More

Preparing as a Family for the Early Stages of Addiction Recovery

Family talking
Addiction is a family disease. Substance use disorders affect not only the lives of the person with the dependency, but all of those nearest and dearest to that person. Thus, the addiction recovery process influences those closest as well. Take comfort in the fact that addiction is a treatable disease, according to the National Institute … Read More