What Are the Effects of Long-Term Use of Lortab?

Long-term use of Lortab is not recommended. Like most medications, Lortab has benefits and dangers for the people that use it. Lortab is a prescription medication used to treat moderate pain. It is also a frequently misused opioid that causes addiction when misused or taken in the long-term. What are the pros and cons of … Read More

How to Understand Psychological Dependence

Woman holding her hand to her forehead.
Psychological dependence on drugs or alcohol involves a compulsive belief that a person needs an addictive substance to function. A person may feel an overwhelming compulsion or emotional desire to consume the substance, often to the detriment of most other areas of their life. As compulsive substance use affects a person’s health, relationships and work, … Read More

Seattle Students Profit From Revised Drug Policies

Seattle drug policies keep kids in school longer. Seattle school superintendents recently announced some changes in drug policies designed to keep more kids in school while providing better education on the effects of substance misuse. The recent policy changes appear to be working; Seattle Weekly reports a 20 percent decrease in the number of suspensions … Read More

Technology in Addiction Treatment

Technology has improved the lives of millions of people. It has also disrupted nearly every industry, including addiction treatment and behavioral health. Virtual communication is available to most people in the form of small handheld digital devices, and there are apps for just about anything you could want. While many of these applications are used … Read More

How to Taper Off Ativan Safely

Suddenly stopping Ativan use can cause have severe consequences. Ativan is the brand name for the drug lorazepam. It is in the drug class of benzodiazepines, a common type of tranquilizer. The medication treats anxiety, acting as a calmative on the brain and central nervous system. Ativan works to stimulate the natural production of the … Read More

How to Handle the Stigma of Addiction

The stigma of addiction must be eliminated so that more people seek help. Opinions and misconceptions about addiction abound in society. For people who struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction, the judgment and stigma attached to the concept of addiction can actually harm the recovery process. A case can be made that stigma is … Read More

How Is Motivational Interviewing Used in Addiction Treatment?

A therapist actively listens to her client as part of a therapy session.
Most people want to be listened to. But that’s only part of what makes the motivational interviewing technique so effective as part of addiction treatment. As a science, motivational interviewing is part of behavioral therapy that has been empirically proven to be an effective part of the standard clinical practice of addiction treatment. Motivational Interviewing … Read More

How to Celebrate National Recovery Month

Chalkboard saying "Thank You"
In September we celebrate Labor Day to honor the efforts of American men and women in the workforce. But there is another special day in September that celebrates the hard work and effort of women and men in recovery from mental and substance use disorders. This article will show some of the ways to enjoy … Read More

Meth: The Biggest Killer in Oregon’s Battle with Illicit Drugs

Man cooking meth
Willamette Week calls meth Oregon’s drug of choice; the low-cost and high availability make it attractive, especially to the state’s homeless population. U.S. News & World Report says deaths from meth addiction in Oregon are on the rise. This article will take a look at Oregon’s increasing number of meth-related deaths over the past few years. Where are … Read More

The Short Guide to EAP Programs for Addiction Treatment

Smiling workers
As the opioid addiction crisis stretches into every aspect of daily life, employee assistance programs (EAPs) can help people caught in the terrible cycle of living with substance use disorder. An EAP can be a lifeline for both employees and employers; data suggests that, of the 14.8 million Americans that currently use illegal substances, 70 … Read More