Which Types of Mental Illness Are Most Likely to Co-Occur with Addiction?

Closeup of a woman's face.
It is very common for people living with mental disorders to develop substance use disorder. If you are suffering from the low-energy, down feeling that comes with depression, it seems almost natural to look for a substance to boost your dopamine and physical energy levels. If you struggle with ADHD, just focusing on simple tasks … Read More

How to Tell If You Are in a Codependent Relationship

Woman holding onto a man as he is trying to leave.
When you hear the word “addiction”, you tend to think of a person with a substance use disorder and not an interpersonal relationship. However, there is such a thing as relationship addiction or love addiction, better known to some as codependency. According to Mental Health America, codependency is defined as “an emotional and behavioral condition … Read More

Is PTSD Contributing to Your Substance Abuse?

There is little doubt that there is a correlation between Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) and alcohol abuse. The chart below puts the relationship into perspective. More than twice as many men with PTSD also reportedly dealt with alcohol abuse problems that men without PTSD. For women, those with PTSD reported alcohol abuse or dependence … Read More

What Is The Connection Between Depression And Alcoholism?

depression and alcoholism
For those with substance abuse disorders such as alcoholism, there are many reasons why drinking may seem like a good option. One of the most popular reasons may be to deal with stress, or even to drown out depression. But coping with depression by using alcohol can be a dangerous cycle, as one disorder often worsens … Read More

How to Help Someone With A Drug Addiction and Depression

family member helping a loved one struggling with drug addiction and depression
There’s nothing harder than watching a loved one in pain. Seeing someone you care about deeply, struggling with the disease of addiction, can be intense and heartbreaking. What can make addiction even harder to deal with is a dual diagnosis. Addiction combined with other illnesses like depression or anxiety can complicate an already overwhelming situation. … Read More