How To Avoid A Relapse in Recovery

how to avoid a relapse and stay sober
Getting sober is not easy. It might take several tries. It takes changing every aspect of your life. It takes learning how to cope, how to incorporate new skills into everyday life, and how to live a life free from drugs and alcohol. Did you know people who do not seek help for their addiction … Read More

5 Tips To Maintain Sobriety During The Holiday Season

stay sober during the holidays
Though the holidays are about much more than parties and alcohol, it may not seem that way when you’re newly sober—or even after you’ve been sober for some time. In sobriety, it’s sometimes as if the presence of alcohol becomes more and more obvious as time passes. It may appear that alcohol is ingrained into … Read More

Continuum of Care: Staying Sober After Inpatient Rehab

staying sober
Early recovery is one of the most straining times for anyone who has completed a residential stay at a rehabilitation treatment facility. Whether you were in a program for 7-14-21 or 30-plus days, the next few months of your life will have a strong impact on your recovery success moving forward. Is our recovery journey … Read More