Codeine for Chronic Pain: Is There a Better Solution?

Codeine may work over the short-term to alleviate pain, but long-term use could lead to addiction. Illicit drug use can quickly turn into an addiction. However, prolonged use of prescription medication can be just as dangerous, as has become evident in the wake of the opioid epidemic across the nation. Codeine is one such prescription … Read More

How to Handle the Stigma of Addiction

The stigma of addiction must be eliminated so that more people seek help. Opinions and misconceptions about addiction abound in society. For people who struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction, the judgment and stigma attached to the concept of addiction can actually harm the recovery process. A case can be made that stigma is … Read More

How and Why to Tell Your Kids about Past Addictions

Mother and daughter discussing drug and alcohol addiction.
Children look to their parents for life lessons, guidance, mentorship and advice. Most parents are comfortable with speaking about their life experiences as teaching tools for children to learn how to be productive members of society. One facet of life with which most parents are not particularly comfortable talking about is past addictions. A drug … Read More

What Is the Matrix Model for Stimulants Misuse?

Baggie with white powder
The Matrix Model of addiction treatment is evidenced-based care for people struggling with substance use tied to stimulants such as cocaine or methamphetamine (meth). This article discusses the Matrix Model of addiction treatment for those who are addicted to stimulants. How does it work? What is its history? How is it used in Washington State … Read More

Pain Management Without Opioids: Three Possibilities

Woman holding her back
For many, the words “opioid” and “pain management” go hand in hand. While prescription opioids do reduce pain, they can also be highly addictive and lead someone unknowingly to experience a substance use disorder. With over one and a half billion people suffering from pain, this can lead to an epidemic of substance misuse with … Read More

Teen Vaping and Hookah Use Likely to Lead to Marijuana Use Later

Young girl vaping
For parents concerned about the prevalence of vaping, or the consumption of e-cigarettes by children, their concerns were just validated by the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Southern California. The recently released study indicates that teens who vape or use hookah are more likely to use marijuana later in life. How prevalent is … Read More

Drug Addiction Perceived as a Major Community Problem by Americans

Drugs and needle
Americans are concerned about drug addiction and see it as a major problem in their communities, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center. It is clear from the study that this concern is tied to the rapid increase in drug addiction and overdose in the United States. There has been major news coverage … Read More

Snohomish Schools Dealing with a Different Side of the Opioid Crisis

Child covering his eyes
You have likely heard a lot about the effects of opioid addiction in Washington State over the past few years. Less heard and discussed are the problems kids are having in schools as they struggle to learn while also dealing with substance use at home. While many school districts across the country have addiction prevention … Read More