The Connection Between Violence and Addiction

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Have you ever made the assumption that addiction lends itself to violent behavior? Is there a proven connection between violence and addiction, or is the evidence merely anecdotal?

The assumption that violence and addiction go hand in hand may be more fact than fantasy. There are studies that show a direct link between aggressive behavior and addictive behavior; it is even more prevalent than you might realize.

The good news is this disturbing combo can be managed successfully through self-education and self-empowerment.

What Studies Reveal About Violence and Addiction

Up to 75 percent of people who have entered treatment have admitted to participating in violent and aggressive actions to varying degrees. Research has shown that acting on aggressive tendencies is an addiction of its own and mimics some of the same characteristics common to addiction to substances, such as being highly motivated to find the target of your addiction despite any negative consequences and having a high risk of relapse into the destructive behavior even after trying to quit.

The truth is that violence and addiction are often intertwined. The violent tendencies are like an addiction of their own, co-occurring with your substance use disorder. Did you know there are multiple types of aggression and that aggression can spring from a wide range of experiences and emotional issues?

Just like substance use disorder can originate because of any number of issues, violent and aggressive behavior has its origins in multiple factors as well. This means that those who have a tendency toward violent and aggressive behavior can access treatment for those co-occurring disorders at the same time they access treatment for substance abuse and addiction.

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Finding Help in a Washington State Drug Rehab Facility

Both violence and addiction signal a problem in handling your emotions. Thus therapy that teaches you coping skills can be successfully used to treat both conditions.

You can find many levels of treatment in Washington State drug rehab centers that provide you with a constant support system. Your treatment protocol will be solidly based on your individual needs because there are no cookie-cutter solutions that work for everyone.

Whatever method of treatment is best for you, you can count on having the resources to treat aggressive tendencies and addiction concurrently. Counseling is a method used by expert staff to address the underlying causes of your addiction and violent outbursts and the connection between the two. Therapy will also be helpful for equipping you with the tools to handle these feelings now and in the future.

Washington state drug rehab

By addressing both issues in rehab, you will be able to more fully take charge of your life and break free both from addiction to drugs and to violence. Remember that you are not alone. Many have acquired the tools to manage aggression and addiction in drug rehab. You can too.

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