What Happens When Washington State Bariatric Patients Drink Alcohol?

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While people often talk about the epidemic of opioid abuse in the U.S., there is another type of problem that has also reached epidemic proportions. You have heard about it on the news and may even be struggling with it yourself. There is also an obesity epidemic in the country. The New York Times recently published … Read More

Debunking the “Rock Bottom” Myth in Washington State

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When discussing the dangers of drug abuse, you may have come across the terminology "rock bottom" which signifies the theoretically lowest of lows for the addict. There tends to be a common sentiment that someone struggling with drugs and alcohol will have to reach this pit of despair before realizing that the time has come … Read More

3 Addiction Myths Seattle Residents Still Believe

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Seattle is no stranger to the problem of substance abuse. Sadly, there are myths and stigma that still exist around drug and alcohol abuse. While the stigma is sometimes blatant and other times subtle, the myths about addiction still persist – even in Seattle. This article explores some of these myths about addiction and provides … Read More

Does Alcohol Abuse Lead to Dementia in Washington State?

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In February 2018, the Washington State alcohol rehab community heard the news that a recent study appears to reveal a link between alcohol use disorder and an increased risk of dementia. While more research needs to be done to understand the links between these two disorders, it is a startling and groundbreaking initial piece of … Read More

3 Reasons Seattle Addiction Treatment Necessitates a Continuum of Care

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Seattle addiction treatment must encompass a multi-faceted treatment modality that ensures the appropriate clinical response for these complicated disorders. It is not enough to provide naloxone to revive overdose victims without hospitalization in the same way that medication-assisted-therapies (MAT) are more effective when coupled with post-detox behavioral treatment. This article explores the need for a … Read More

What Is the Cost of Workplace Addiction in Washington State?

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When you think of what addiction looks like, you may picture someone strung out and living on the street or maybe someone who seems to stay at home all day and do nothing but abuse the substance of choice. However, with millions of people struggling with addiction, the face of an addict has many forms. … Read More

Why You Need Seattle Drug Rehab to Stop a Heroin Habit

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Here is a simple fact. Heroin withdrawal is not something you want to take on alone. Heroin is intensely physically and mentally addictive. The physical symptoms are coupled with an intense craving for more of the drug. The withdrawal symptoms are so intense that relapse is common.  This is why Seattle drug rehab is always … Read More

Using Heroin in Seattle? Expect Addiction!

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A very high percentage of people that try heroin get hooked. That is why Seattle drug rehab facilities are full of substance users seeking to break their addiction to this terrible drug. In fact, many heroin addicts started their substance use with prescription pain medication as the gateway drug. The prescription opioid epidemic has made … Read More

5 Ways Heroin Damages Your Body in Washington State

The damaging effects of heroin can ruin a person’s life. Apart from the detrimental effects on the human body, heroin users often discard all of their life’s responsibilities in order to pursue their addiction. As the drug takes a toll on their mind and bodies, those afflicted by heroin use disorder can experience serious short- … Read More

Washington State Guide to Heroin Addiction Treatment

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Washington State Drug rehab facilities are often called upon to treat the victims of heroin addiction. The use of heroin, an illegal opioid street drug, has increased exponentially in the United States, tied in part to the current explosion of addiction to prescription opioid pain medications. Opioid addiction had tripled in the last few years … Read More