How to Support Your Partner without Enabling Addiction

Woman sitting on the floor with her back to a wall.
There are times when loving someone with an addiction can feel like an insurmountable task. The emotional snarl tied to mental and physical addiction can last a lifetime and it wears out relationships just like it destroys the body. This article will provide you with tips for those who are living with an addicted spouse … Read More

Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse: A Deadly Duo in Washington State

Woman on the ground blocking someone.
Domestic violence is defined as "…a pattern of abusive and threatening behaviors that may include physical, emotional, economic and sexual violence as well as intimidation, isolation and coercion. The purpose of domestic violence is to establish and exert power and control over another."  Substance abuse is defined as "the harmful or hazardous use of psychoactive … Read More

5-Point Addiction Treatment Facility Checklist

Checklist with a red pen.
When you are stressed, it is difficult to do accurate research. For the family member seeking help for their loved one, or for the substance user ready to seek help, it is difficult to make decisions about choosing a Washington State drug rehab facility. This article will help you make an informed decision by listing … Read More

Does Contingency Management Work in Rehab?

Carrot hanging from a stick.
Contingency management can be a controversial topic in Washington State addiction treatment circles. Some believe this “carrot and stick” approach works as part of behavioral therapy and some do not. This article explains the concept of contingency management and explores whether it is an effective component of a holistic addiction treatment program. What is Contingency … Read More

Tacoma Opioid Deaths Cause Pierce County to Sound the Alarm

River at night with lights along the bank.
In 2017, Pierce County was declared an opioid crisis area. The county has been in the thick of the opioid epidemic, with some of the highest averages in the state of drug-related crime and overdose deaths. This article looks at the opioid crisis in Tacoma, the county seat of Pierce County, Washington. What is the … Read More

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome on the Rise in Washington State

Pregnant woman holding pills in her hand.
Addiction is a family disease and can harm even those who are not abusing substances themselves. Even unborn family members can be left with a potentially fatal condition without ever having the chance to make a choice for themselves. Expectant mothers who are fighting an opioid addiction are putting their babies at risk and may … Read More

How to Handle Anger in Washington Addiction Recovery

Couple arguing.
Attending rehab and pursuing recovery from substance abuse brings a host of physical and mental symptoms. Physically, the person is dealing with withdrawal from their drug of choice, which is difficult enough. As the drug wears off, the emotions that the person was trying to suppress often come out. One of the strongest and most … Read More

Bullying and Drug Abuse: Keeping Seattle Kids Safe

Two teenage boys bullying another.
Social media has shined a light on bullying, but it has also given the practice some new venues for perpetrators to target their victims. But research has shown that bullies are also fairly tortured themselves; the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids says students who bully are more prone to smoke, drink, and use illegal substances. This … Read More

How Doctor Shopping Spurs Washington’s Opioid Crisis

Shopping cart with pill packs.
“Doctor shopping” is when a substance user visits multiple physicians seeking legal prescriptions to fuel their addiction. While people often think the opioid crisis is tied mainly to illegal street drugs, the truth is that there are a high number of overdoses stemming from legally prescribed opioids. This article explores the concept of doctor shopping … Read More

Thinking about a Drug Cocktail? Think Again!

Multiple pills next to a glass of water.
The FDA issued new warnings late last year on the dangers of mixing medications. Their bulletin was designed to draw attention to the concept of a “drug cocktail,” a potentially lethal mix of medications that can cause adverse side effects including coma and death. This article explains the real dangers to which you expose yourself … Read More