Tramadol Overdose and Serotonin Syndrome: What We Know Now

Serotonin syndrome causes seizures when the body is flooded with serotonin. Tramadol is a synthetic opioid pain reliever similar in composition to codeine. The drug is used for the treatment of moderate pain, but Tramadol use can lead to addiction. Tramadol overdoses are linked to a potentially life-threatening side-effect called serotonin syndrome which can affect … Read More

Quick Guide to Addiction Treatment for Veterans

Military veterans who return home from active service often face many challenges related to acclimating to civilian life. These challenges put veterans at risk for emotional and physical challenges when dealing with the trauma they experienced. Handling depression or turning to alcohol for help is a common coping mechanism for the veteran returning home again. … Read More

8 Tips to Beat Insomnia Without Sleep Aids

Can’t sleep? Here are 8 tips favoring natural approaches to getting sleep. Americans are chronically sleep deprived, with about 35 percent of the population getting less than the generally accepted seven hours of sleep a night. Many people struggling to sleep at night suffer from chronic insomnia, which is the inability to fall asleep. This … Read More

A Parent’s Guide to School Drug Testing

Parents with teenagers should know that random drug tests may be conducted at schools. While not a regular occurrence at all schools, testing for the presence of drugs among students is a growing trend in the United States. Only a small number of schools currently conduct mandatory drug testing, but a growing number of schools … Read More

What Are the Effects of Long-Term Use of Lortab?

Long-term use of Lortab is not recommended. Like most medications, Lortab has benefits and dangers for the people that use it. Lortab is a prescription medication used to treat moderate pain. It is also a frequently misused opioid that causes addiction when misused or taken in the long-term. What are the pros and cons of … Read More

How to Understand Psychological Dependence

Woman holding her hand to her forehead.
Psychological dependence on drugs or alcohol involves a compulsive belief that a person needs an addictive substance to function. A person may feel an overwhelming compulsion or emotional desire to consume the substance, often to the detriment of most other areas of their life. As compulsive substance use affects a person’s health, relationships and work, … Read More

How to Spot an Ativan Addiction

Ativan can cause both drug dependence and addiction. Ativan is a commonly prescribed drug for anxiety. The medication acts on the central nervous system to provide a calming effect on the mind and body. One side effect of Ativan is that it can lead to both dependence and addiction. How Can Ativan Addiction Happen? The … Read More

Codeine for Chronic Pain: Is There a Better Solution?

Codeine may work over the short-term to alleviate pain, but long-term use could lead to addiction. Illicit drug use can quickly turn into an addiction. However, prolonged use of prescription medication can be just as dangerous, as has become evident in the wake of the opioid epidemic across the nation. Codeine is one such prescription … Read More

How to Handle a Klonopin Overdose

If you suspect that someone is overdosing on Klonopin, contact emergency health authorities immediately. Klonopin is the brand name for the drug clonazepam, which is part of a class of prescription drugs called benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines are sedatives that work to calm a hyperactive central nervous system. Klonopin is particularly useful in curbing epileptic seizures, but … Read More

What to Expect in Percocet Detox

Percocet is a powerful painkiller that can become highly addictive if taken for a prolonged period. With the opioid epidemic plaguing the nation, attention has been brought to the dangers of addiction to painkillers. Not only can people who are addicted to prescription medication obtain it from their physicians, but many people get opioids from … Read More