How to Handle the Stigma of Addiction

The stigma of addiction must be eliminated so that more people seek help. Opinions and misconceptions about addiction abound in society. For people who struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction, the judgment and stigma attached to the concept of addiction can actually harm the recovery process. A case can be made that stigma is … Read More

How to Handle Loneliness in Addiction Recovery

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We need one another to survive. A human connection can help people get through the toughest situations, and this holds true for addiction recovery. If you experience a substance use disorder, you may have discarded healthy relationships as drugs or alcohol gained control over your life. That, in turn, leads to loneliness, which may exacerbate … Read More

How Does Narcan Work?

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Drug overdose is now the number one cause of death among Americans under age 50. The United States is the global leader in opioid misuse and overdose. Opioid misuse is a public health crisis, but there is a medication that can stop an overdose in its tracks and often save the person experiencing it. Narcan … Read More

Is Ultram Addictive?

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You might not have heard much about Ultram addiction. Compared to other addictive substances like heroin or cocaine, Ultram hardly grabs the headlines. However, the effects of Ultram addiction are real, serious and certainly something that should not be ignored or discounted. What is it that makes Ultram and other opioids so addictive? Are there … Read More

Common Barriers to LGBTQ+ Addiction Treatment

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Those in the LGBTQ+ community may encounter a few barriers to addiction treatment that are unique to the life experience of this demographic. What are the challenges associated with LGBTQ+ addiction treatment and how can they be overcome? LGBTQ Addiction Treatment Challenges Today, 1 in 7 people in the United States will develop a substance … Read More

The Truth About Tramadol: 5 Things You Should Know

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Tramadol is an opioid analgesic used frequently for chronic disorders. For many years, tramadol was widely thought to be a safer alternative to narcotics for pain. In 2014, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) changed their attitude toward tramadol. Tramadol Addiction Is Real Why did the DEA catoregize tramadol as a Schedule IV substance? Previously, doctors … Read More

How Is Suboxone Used in Addiction Treatment?

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Medication-assisted treatment is a form of therapy designed to help lessen the painful experience of drug or alcohol withdrawal. Suboxone is a form of medication-assisted treatment that is widely used today in addiction treatment. What is Suboxone and is there any danger of becoming addicted to the drug? Suboxone: Medication-Assisted Treatment Suboxone is used to … Read More

What Is the Connection Between Diabetes and Alcohol Use?

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The Mayo Clinic suggests that both alcohol and tobacco use increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. Heavy drinkers are at a high risk and individuals with an alcohol use disorder are the most likely to develop co-occurring diabetes. Why is this the case? What happens when a person with diabetes drinks alcohol? Why should … Read More

Is DMT Dangerous?

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With substance use disorders at an all-time high in the United States and with new substances seemingly surfacing daily, it is critical to be as well-informed as possible to protect you and your loved ones from the ravages of substance misuse. One substance that has been on the rise in the past years may appear … Read More

How to Use Narcan Nasal Spray

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With the overall substance use overdose death rate increasing across the board, particularly in relation to opioids, knowing how to protect yourself and others is of paramount importance. In addition to utilizing the lifesaving resources through local expert addiction treatment programs, you can become familiar with a life-saving medication for moments of opioid crisis. Learn … Read More