5 Tips To Maintain Sobriety During The Holiday Season

stay sober during the holidays
Though the holidays are about much more than parties and alcohol, it may not seem that way when you’re newly sober—or even after you’ve been sober for some time. In sobriety, it’s sometimes as if the presence of alcohol becomes more and more obvious as time passes. It may appear that alcohol is ingrained into … Read More

Why Do Alcoholics Drink?

Why Do Alcoholics Drink Alcoholism
People of the world drink alcohol for a variety of reasons—as a social lubricant, to relax, peer pressure, or even because they enjoy the taste. For most of these individuals, the reasons they drink, while perhaps not positive ones, will not lead to any harmful consequences. For some, though, despite the reasons why they started, … Read More

Signs Of Drug Abuse In Teenagers

teenagers substance abuse
If you’re a parent, sibling, or friend a troubled teenager, there is plenty of reason for you to be concerned about your loved one’s well-being. There are unlimited difficulties that young people experience as teens, such as social pressure, body image issues, academic challenges, and general insecurities that are all too common at that age. … Read More

4 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Time In Rehab

drug rehab: how to get the most out of your stay
Let’s face it —even for those who go willingly, outpatient and inpatient rehab can be a scary, confusing, and uncertain time in life. It’s unsettling to feel vulnerable, open, and exposed. Coming off of drugs or alcohol is not always a pleasant experience, But while in rehab we have to remind ourselves that it is through feeling … Read More

Travel Rehab: Why You Should Consider Out Of State Treatment

travel rehab
When looking at recovery options, it is important to know that making a geographical change is never the sole answer. However, it can be a critical tool to achieving long-term sobriety. Going to a recovery center outside of your familiar environment can physically remove certain dangers from the those that are newly sober, but it … Read More

Continuum of Care: Staying Sober After Inpatient Rehab

staying sober
Early recovery is one of the most straining times for anyone who has completed a residential stay at a rehabilitation treatment facility. Whether you were in a program for 7-14-21 or 30-plus days, the next few months of your life will have a strong impact on your recovery success moving forward. Is our recovery journey … Read More

Do I Need Rehab For Alcohol Abuse Or Dependence?

signs you need alcohol rehab
“How can I tell if I need alcohol rehab?” It’s a question we hear all the time, and unfortunately, there’s no firm dividing line to act as an answer. Our culture is full of “on/off” conventional wisdom for determining if you’re an alcoholic, such as “Only alcoholics drink alone” or “If you drink before noon, you’re an alcoholic.” But these … Read More

What Does Science Suggest About A Cure For Addiction?

is there a cure for addiction?
For anyone who has faced the reality of addiction with drugs or alcoholism, they often find themselves wondering, is there a cure for addiction? People want to know if this it is something they will have to face and carry around for the rest of their lives, which can seem overwhelming and daunting. According to The … Read More

How To Tell If A Loved One Is Abusing Cocaine

signs of cocaine abuse
Cocaine is no joke— it can tear apart families and ruin lives. While often romanticized in movies and media as the rock star’s drug of choice, in real life it’s a costly and debilitating habit that does irreparable harm to its users’ bodies and their minds. If you’re worried that somebody you love is developing … Read More