Why & How Alcoholism Interventions Can Help Families

alcoholism intervention
Alcoholism affects millions of people and families in the United States each year. It is a common and growing problem among our country that almost everyone comes into contact with at some point in their life. According to a study conducted by The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism  in 2014, they found that 16.3 … Read More

What To Do When A Drug Intervention Fails

what to do if an addict refuses to get help drug intervention
When you hold an intervention for a loved one addicted to drugs or alcohol, your hope is that it convinces them to go to rehab to get the help they need. Sometimes, even when you do everything right, it’s possible that your loved one will refuse to get help. For all intents and purposes, this … Read More

5 Tips For Finding A Treatment Facility To Offer At An Intervention

How do you find a treatment program to offer at the intervention?
When planning an intervention to help a loved one struggling with addiction, a crucial part of the process is having a treatment option thoroughly researched and available and ready if the addict or alcoholic decides to accept professional help during the intervention. This can be an overwhelming and stressful aspect of the intervention planning process, as there … Read More

How Much Does It Cost to Do a Drug Intervention?

drug intervention
If you’ve reached the point where an intervention is the only logical choice to get your loved one the help they need, then you’ll want to make sure it’s done the right way. For that reason, you’ve probably looked into hiring an intervention specialist. Below we examine the intervention process, the benefits you’ll receive from … Read More

Inpatient Rehab: What to Expect In An Inpatient Program

inpatient rehab
If your loved one is in need of treatment for a drug or alcohol abuse, do you know what your options are? Addiction does not give— it takes, and deprives. You and I both know addiction can be disempowering, both to people living with an addiction and for the family and friends who love them. … Read More

How To Help A Loved One Seeking Addiction Treatment

Tips When Seeking Rehab
Knowing help is needed can be a breakthrough in years of pain. Coming to the conclusion that you can’t do it on your own is tough. You may feel weak, incapable, or like you failed. Addiction is a sensitive subject to say the least and approaching these feelings with a friend or family member is … Read More

The Road to Recovery For A Codependent Family

Codependency Relapse
Codependency refers to several things: Placing others’ needs or wants above your own. Basing your feelings of self-esteem on how well you can control yourself and others and on others’ approval. Experiencing anxiety when it comes to intimacy and separation. Having a hard time expressing your feelings. Being afraid of others hurting or rejecting you. … Read More

What Is Outpatient Rehab Like?

What is Outpatient Rehab Like
Sadly, only a small portion of those who are suffering from addiction end up seeking treatment. If you’ve made the decision to get the treatment you need and finally attend rehab it’s important you go to the right kind of treatment program. There are a variety of rehab options available for those seeking relief from their … Read More

Top Questions To Ask During A Drug Intervention

Top Questions to Ask During an Intervention
When someone you love is abusing drugs or alcohol it’s natural to want to do everything you can to help them realize they have a problem and get them into treatment. This can be a slippery slope as someone who is drinking heavily or using drugs may not be ready to admit they have an … Read More

Crisis Intervention: Put Your Own Mask on First

crisis intervention seven steps
Imagine you’re on an airplane, sitting next to someone you love. Suddenly, there’s turbulence, shaking. The captain makes and announcement, and a passenger two seats down makes a joke.  But when cabin pressure drops, as do the masks… Everyone’s afraid. No matter how many times you insist your loved one put on their mask, they … Read More