Crisis Intervention: Put Your Own Mask on First

crisis intervention seven steps
Imagine you’re on an airplane, sitting next to someone you love. Suddenly, there’s turbulence, shaking. The captain makes and announcement, and a passenger two seats down makes a joke.  But when cabin pressure drops, as do the masks… Everyone’s afraid. No matter how many times you insist your loved one put on their mask, they … Read More

How Intervention Letters Can Prevent You From Saying The Wrong Thing

intervention letters drug alcohol addiction
When a loved one is abusing substances it is natural for their immediate family and friends to want to try to help or step in. Substance abuse affects everyone involved and can be a very emotionally charged experience. It’s important to understand how an intervention can help in these situations where intervening is necessary. We … Read More

How to Write a Compelling Alcohol Intervention Letter

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Interventions are an incredibly emotional time. Not only are we confronting our loved ones about a debilitating addiction, but somehow we have to maintain our composure throughout the event to get our point across. No matter how well you know your friend, sibling, parent, significant other or child, you’re never quite sure how they’re going … Read More

Is It Okay To Force Someone To Go To Rehab?

Unhappy Teenage Couple In Urban Setting
Addiction is a problem that is painful for family members because it damages family connections and dynamics.  Addicts can become a danger to themselves or to the people around them if they do not seek help or go to rehab. So what steps should you take once you recognize a loved one is living with … Read More

What Is the Systemic Family Intervention Model?

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If you are an alcoholic or addict, or have a loved one who is, you’ve likely heard of an intervention—a meeting set up by friends and family in order to confront an alcoholic or addict about their substance abuse issues. However, there are different approaches that can be taken when it comes to interventions, and … Read More

5 Keys to Writing an Intervention Letter

lovesick young woman writing letter with broken heart
When it comes to an intervention, there are various ways people involved may choose to communicate with their loved ones, including writing a letter. Depending on the type of intervention being planned, a letter may or may not serve a purpose. Sometimes, if a person cannot be present at an intervention, they choose to write … Read More

Are You In A Codependent Relationship?

woman in a codependent relationship
The word codependent is a long-debated concept and often becomes a gray area in relationships very easily. It’s important to understand what codependency means and how it can take on various forms throughout relationships with loved ones, family members, children, spouses, and partners. What does it mean to be codependent? First, we must break down what … Read More

How To Help An Addict In Denial

No one ever starts out drinking alcohol or using drugs with the idea that they want to get addicted. Addiction happens over time and often takes the user by surprise. Naturally, a huge factor inside of addiction is denial. Most people who have developed a problem are living in denial in that they have it … Read More

How to Help Someone With A Drug Addiction and Depression

family member helping a loved one struggling with drug addiction and depression
There’s nothing harder than watching a loved one in pain. Seeing someone you care about deeply, struggling with the disease of addiction, can be intense and heartbreaking. What can make addiction even harder to deal with is a dual diagnosis. Addiction combined with other illnesses like depression or anxiety can complicate an already overwhelming situation. … Read More

4 Drug Intervention Models Proven to Work

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Understanding Intervention Models An intervention can be a necessary and valuable opportunity to help your loved one acknowledge their drug addiction and provide the support and direction to begin the path to recovery.  But an intervention can vary widely in approach: in a confrontational or invitational format; in a family, workplace or community setting; or … Read More