4 Drug Intervention Models Proven to Work

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Understanding Intervention Models An intervention can be a necessary and valuable opportunity to help your loved one acknowledge their drug addiction and provide the support and direction to begin the path to recovery.  But an intervention can vary widely in approach: in a confrontational or invitational format; in a family, workplace or community setting; or … Read More

How To Stage An Intervention For Your Teen

mother comforting daughter during intervention
During the teenage years, you child might start experimenting with drugs and alcohol due to peer pressure or as a means to escape stress. But, in some cases, you may see your teen pushing boundaries that damage their health. If you suspect that your teen might be abusing drugs and alcohol, then you might be … Read More

Intervention Steps: Help Your Loved One Overcome Addiction

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Trying to help a loved one who suffered from drug or alcohol addiction can be very painful. But, by actually helping your loved one you can help get their life back on track and moving forward in a positive manner. By ignoring the situation you only create more long-term damage. Even though an intervention might … Read More

13 Tips For Staging A Successful Intervention

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It can be difficult to watch a loved one struggle with addiction. It can also be difficult to know how and when to step in and attempt to intervene, which is why doing so in the right manner is so important. When family and friends attempt to step in and express concern about someone’s addictive … Read More

How To Choose The Right Intervention Team

Sometimes you’ll need the assistance of an experienced intervention team to help a loved one break the cycle of addiction. You and your family might have attempted an intervention in the past, and it was unsuccessful, so now you’re considering professional help from an intervention specialist. However, it can be difficult to know what to … Read More

What To Say During An Intervention

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An intervention is a very sacred and delicate space to be held for someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Emotions are on high when you and your family have reached this last resort in a person’s life, which can be an extremely sensitive occasion. According to Scripps Health, “Interventions are an act of … Read More

6 Mistakes Families Make During An Intervention

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Due to the popularity of the A&E show Intervention, family interventions have been on the rise in the past decade. The overall objective of a family intervention is to confront an addict in a non-threatening way and allow them to see their self-destructive behavior and how it affects themselves and the people around them. The … Read More

How To Write An Effective Intervention Letter

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Addiction can be a hard thing to admit and a lot of people quietly suffer instead of coming to terms with their addiction. Even as their lives spiral out of control around them, they still remain convinced that their life is going fine. The goal of an intervention is to break through the wall of … Read More

Are Interventions A Good Idea?

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When a loved one’s life is being compromised because of drugs or alcohol it can make family members and friends feel helpless. The addictive behaviors of a person struggling with drugs or alcohol grow more and more alarming as well as unsettling as they drift further away. Most addicts are very reluctant to admit they … Read More

Rehab Timeline: How Long Until Full Recovery?

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The term “rehab” can be an elusive one: how long until recovery, and what types of treatment require what time commitment? From residential facilities to outpatient programs, here are some timelines to consider for your rehab activities and treatment. An important thing to remember that, while we’re giving some brief outlines of treatment, each person … Read More