About Us

At The Recovery Village Ridgefield Drug and Alcohol Rehab, we specialize in more than just treating substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders. Our primary mission is to change lives, one person at a time. Since we first opened our doors in April 2016, we’ve led hundreds of men and women down the road to recovery, and we hope to lead hundreds more.

Tucked in the Cascade Mountains of Southwest Washington, our facility offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Northwest. The center features comfortable rooms comparable to those of a hotel as well as picturesque outdoor and indoor common areas. There are also areas designated for amenities like billiards, yoga and basketball.

We know that when it comes to entering a rehab facility, you may be apprehensive, but you certainly don’t have to be. That’s because The Recovery Village Ridgefield creates an atmosphere where clients can be comfortable being truthful about their struggles as we encourage them to surrender their addictions.

Our Locations

The Recovery Village Ridgefield’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab treatment facilities are easily accessible from Washington State and Oregon. Our facilities include a residential rehabilitation center and a detox center, located a short drive from each other.

Why Choose Us?

We also know you have many options when it comes to drug rehabilitation, but not all facilities offer the same high level of care. As part of the Advanced Recovery Systems (ARS) family, The Recovery Village Ridgefield operates under the same principles of ARS. These include comprehensive care, individualized treatment programs and an experienced, compassionate staff. ARS has rehab facilities in several states, including Florida, Colorado and Ohio. It also offers a center exclusively for IAFF members in Maryland.

These facilities, along with The Recovery Village Ridgefield, provide a full continuum of care in a therapeutic, peaceful environment. They also offer top-of-the-line medical care, combined with luxurious wellness programs and holistic addiction treatments. We are also a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.

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An Individualized Approach to Recovery

No two people are exactly alike, which is why we personalize our high-quality, evidence-based treatment programs to meet the unique needs of every client. Our professional staff members meet with every client on their first day at our center to develop the best treatment plan. While enrolled, clients will be evaluated regularly to determine their progress and if any adjustments need to be made as they advance through each level of treatment.

Comprehensive Treatment and Recovery Programs in Washington and Oregon

We take pride in our comprehensive approach to treatment and in our varying levels of care, including residential (inpatient), partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient. We also offer aftercare options to help clients stay in recovery for a lifetime. These options include support groups, employment assistance and individual counseling sessions.

Compassionate Care

Our experienced team members understand the difficulties that those struggling with addiction face. That’s why we offer nothing but compassionate care to every client, in every phase of treatment. Everyone at The Recovery Village wants the same thing for you and every person who walks through our doors. Our goal is to help you break the chains of addiction for good so you can lead a happy, healthy life that isn’t ruled by substances.

What Our Patients Say

Rebecca L
20:45 03 Dec 21
Very helpful for beginning the process to recovery. This needed to happen for changes to be made.
Haileigh D.
23:51 12 Nov 21
It’s a great place to go for recovery.
Andrew S.
23:17 01 Nov 21
I met some of the most extraordinary people in this facility. The people and clients were loving. Like any place you have your sticklers and cons but overall my clinician and the nurses were all there for me. I found out so much about myself and was inspired by the stories i heard.All clinicians have their own set of tools but Kimberly Pierce for me was spot on, caring, and so easy to connect with and process . Also shout out to Kathy, aaron, and Scotty!! Cant forget my mama nurse Vivian and my boy Larry
Lacey C.
14:40 28 Oct 21
Thank you so much to the staff, Scott, Kathy, Ashley, Hannah, Libby, Edrick, dr. Phil, Holly, John, Vivian, Carlos and Erin! You guys made it an easier process to get clean and sober! Could not have done it without you guys! You are truly the heart of this recovery village. I highly recommend this rehab to anyone looking to make a positive change in their lives. Thank you again!
Shawnee E.
00:47 24 Sep 21
Great info for rehab group but would love to have quality food options, know who and where to go to for assistance, some people need more time to detox and sleep, or more group sessions (within reason, i.e. some do not want watch a movie and some do during later sessions... be mindful of what is being shown), some need a lot of extra snacks to detox make sure it is fare for all. The group time for res redsions are way too long. Let us commit to a 9-5, with breaks, worktime then absorb. After res, then you move to the cottages, they need to have a longer work day, still with breaks.Also, connecting with family/friends is huge. I understand we all need to detox and move forward but if there is a need to talk with family, friends, kids, etc. Due to emergency on their phone or site phone, more time should be given. For example, some people had kids that started first day of school and needed to say hello, but mo one was available for personal phone use or the time slots only allowed for 15 minutes.Overall, I loved my time there and hope to see some improvement. Some people who has been in detox, then res received special privileges. Not okay. For example, one guy had access to his phone every day in res of the of us did not because he knew a guy... not cool.
Katie L.
19:35 02 Sep 21
My recovery journey at Recovery Village was amazing! The entire staff was there to help me in whatever capacity that I needed. I left treatment feeling confident with the tools that I need to continue my sobriety. The team continues to reach out to ensure that I have access to all of my resources to continue outpatient treatment as well. I highly recommend this facility!

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