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What to Expect at The Recovery Village Ridgefield

Deciding to start addiction rehab can be life-changing. Learn what to expect so you can confidently begin treatment and get your life back.

Checking In to Inpatient Rehab

Admission times are scheduled when you call to ensure each person arriving at our facility gets the full attention of our care team. Arriving late may cause a wait time.

For the safety and sobriety of all patients, each resident must agree to a search of their person and belongings upon arrival. During the search, staff collects items not permitted during treatment and stores them safely and securely until your stay is over. Additional random searches may be conducted during your time at The Recovery Village Ridgefield.

COVID-19 Notice

The Recovery Village Ridgefield is taking proactive steps to ensure the health and safety of all patients, employees and the communities we serve. We are following the latest CDC-recommended guidelines for controlling the spread of COVID-19, including testing, face masks and enhanced sanitation protocols. 

Our Treatment Process

Patients at The Recovery Village Ridgefield start in a rehab program best suited for their needs, then may step down to lower levels of care as they progress through their care plan. Treatment often begins with a medical detox, followed by inpatient care.

Length of Stay

Your length of stay may differ depending on your program, personalized treatment plan, recovery progress and insurance coverage. In general, patients may receive:

  • Medical detox for 5–10 days
  • Inpatient care, including medical detox for 21–28 days 
  • PHP care for 3–4 weeks

Will I be forced to stay in treatment? 

We encourage all patients to finish their treatment plan, as leaving medical care too soon can lead to relapse and overdose. However, patients can decide to leave treatment at any time, even against medical advice, as long as they are not a danger to themself or others. 

Living at the Facility

Now that you’ve decided to start treatment at The Recovery Village Ridgefield; it’s time to prepare for your stay.

What to Pack

This packing guide ensures you have everything you may need while you’re with us, so you can focus on what’s really important — healing.

Travel Arrangements

Wherever you’re coming from, our Recovery Advocates ensure you arrive at our center safely and on time. You can book and confirm transportation on your own, or we can help you make travel arrangements. We can also arrange pick-up to and from the airport, bus stations or train stations.

Sleeping Arrangements

Rooms at The Recovery Village Ridgefield provide a comfortable resting place during recovery. Rooms are shared with one other patient to help foster critical fellowship during a difficult time. Following your inpatient program, PHP clients live in well-appointed cottages around the facility, sharing bedrooms and bathrooms with their peers in recovery. Some cottages feature private kitchen spaces. The number of residents in each room may differ depending on your treatment stage and care needs.

Food & Nutrition

Our facility features a full cafeteria with meals our onsite chef prepares. Typically, a few different meals will be available for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including vegetarian and vegan options. Each delicious and nutritious meal is made to bolster patients’ physical and mental health as they recover. Snacks are also provided. No outside snacks or meals are permitted in the facility. If you have any food allergies, let us know before your arrival so we can accommodate you.

Housekeeping & Laundry

Patients are responsible for keeping their rooms clean and doing their laundry to nurture independence and accountability. Certain housekeeping services, like trash removal and linens, are provided at the medical detox and inpatient levels of care.

Phone Policy

Cell phones are securely stored upon arrival for the safety and privacy of all patients. This also helps patients focus on healing by avoiding distractions and keeping their stay confidential. Following a 72-hour window without calls, patients may use the facility phone three times per week on house phone, or approved for more, with approved contacts only. After entering PHP/IOP, clients may use their cell phones during non-programming times if approved.

Smoking Policy

Residents at The Recovery Village Ridgefield may take periodic smoke breaks during designated times. Your treatment plan determines the timing and frequency of these breaks. If you smoke, you must bring enough unopened and sealed cigarettes, vape or tobacco products for your entire stay. E-cigarette and vapes must be disposable and labeled Pure Nicotine (with no additional additives). There will be no opportunity to charge these products. Smoking cessation products may be offered during your treatment. Please note: patients under 21 will not have the opportunity to purchase tobacco products during their stay. Our staff cannot provide or purchase tobacco products for patients.

Family Visits & Therapy

During treatment, rebuilding relationships with loved ones is important. Some may benefit from long-distance or virtual family treatment, while others may need in-person visits. Family therapy visits are generally offered as clinically appropriate.

Offsite Visits

While your treatment occurs at our Ridgefield facility, offsite opportunities may or may not be available, including additional support group meetings and recreational therapies. Your level of care and medical needs determines offsite visits.

Video Resource

Ask Our Recovery Advocates

Our Recovery Advocates can answer your questions about our addiction treatment programs and life at The Recovery Village Ridgefield.

Let your intake coordinator know you want to speak to a Recovery Advocate when you call.

Insurance and Your Obligation During Treatment

Nearly all health insurance plans require you to pay some out-of-pocket costs to access your healthcare benefits (collectively, the “Patient Responsibility”).

An intake coordinator will review your Patient Responsibility with you during admission or as soon as you are medically stable. They will explain the deductible is due during admission and that the co-insurance amount and out-of-pocket balance will be billed and paid for once services are complete. Onsite financial counselors will review your financial responsibility again during treatment with case managers who can help you navigate FMLA and short-term disability.

Before admitting at The Recovery Village Ridgefield, you must check with your insurance provider to ensure you understand your individual benefits plan. Your insurance plan may not be a “participating provider” with The Recovery Village Ridgefield. You are responsible for all non-covered and out-of-pocket costs related to your treatment stay.

Your Privacy Is Important to Us

The Recovery Village Ridgefield recognizes your right to privacy. We hold each person’s confidentiality in the highest regard.

Upon arrival at The Recovery Village Ridgefield, each patient can complete all required releases of information to allow staff to discuss important information with necessary others for continuity of care. Without the patient’s prior written consent, no information will be disclosed to any party, following all HIPAA guidelines and requirements.

Ready to start your recovery journey?

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