Aftercare Treatment 

A man in recovery from drug addiction rides his bike as part of a new healthy lifestyle in aftercare.

For people who face a drug or alcohol addiction, completing a Ridgefield drug rehab program like medical detox, inpatient care or outpatient treatment can inspire a lifetime of healing. However, the transition from rehab back to daily life can be challenging in more ways than one. As individuals who are new to recovery may struggle to adjust to life outside of rehab, a comprehensive aftercare plan can be invaluable.

At numerous rehab facilities, including those in Ridgefield, aftercare programs bridge the gap between the end of drug or alcohol rehab and the beginning of a life of sobriety. People in recovery from a substance use disorder must choose to recommit to sobriety every day, and with the right resources, aftercare plans make recovery easier to maintain.

What Is Aftercare Treatment? 

Aftercare plans prepare people to thrive in recovery long after rehab treatment ends. In a full continuum of care programs for drug or alcohol addiction, aftercare enables post-rehab success by providing clients the skills and support systems necessary to stay strong in sobriety. The most effective aftercare plans, including those made at The Recovery Village Ridgefield, are tailored to each client’s unique mental and physical needs. This includes recommendations for follow-up medical appointments, as well as continued counseling for co-occurring mental disorders like anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder.

In contrast to most Ridgefield drug rehab programs (medical detox, inpatient, outpatient, etc.), clients do not return to the rehab facility for medical treatment or counseling sessions during aftercare. Instead, individuals are connected to resources in their community that can help them maintain their sobriety. Aftercare plans connect clients with physicians, therapists, support groups and additional local resources that can support their ongoing recovery.  

Who Needs Aftercare Treatment? 

To understand who benefits from aftercare, it’s important to recognize that it is not a formal treatment program. Aftercare consists of a customized follow-up plan that each person can utilize after their drug or alcohol addiction treatment ends. It cannot substitute for medical detox, inpatient or outpatient care, and is not suitable for people who need intensive care for a complex or severe addiction.

To fully benefit from Ridgefield drug aftercare, an individual will have:

  • Completed a medically assisted detox program
  • Finished a treatment program like inpatient, partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient (IOP) or outpatient after detox care
  • A living situation that is conducive to recovery
  • Strong coping mechanisms and skills for sobriety
  • The desire and commitment necessary to maintain recovery

Essentially, aftercare works best for individuals who are willing and able to maintain their sobriety daily. People who can continue their recovery outside of formal treatment, and actively cultivate a support network for accountability, can thrive with aftercare.

How Does Drug Rehab Aftercare Work?

Aftercare provides a smooth transition from the structured setting of treatment to the flexible environment of everyday life in the community. Effective aftercare plans outline steps clients can take to manage stress and progress in recovery in their daily lives. Before a client is discharged from treatment at The Recovery Village Ridgefield, their clinical team works with the client’s case manager to develop a comprehensive aftercare plan that matches their unique needs.

Aftercare plans include strategies for people to meet five primary recovery goals:

  1. Continue to maintain mental wellness by meeting with local therapists
  2. Utilize coping skills for everyday living to prevent setbacks
  3. Establish a living situation that is conducive to recovery
  4. Find a strong support network to stay accountable to sobriety
  5. Commit to healthy activities and relationships that can support recovery

Thorough aftercare plans empower people to actively maintain sobriety by equipping them with the resources to:

  • Attend regular appointments with a local physician or psychiatrist
  • Enroll in individual counseling
  • Find local 12-step support groups
  • Move into a sober living home, if desired

It can often be a challenge for people to leave rehab and implement aftercare recommendations into their daily lives. For this reason, case managers at The Recovery Village Ridgefield often build regular follow-up calls into each aftercare program. Case managers may reach out to clients periodically to discuss their progress and ensure that they can access adequate resources for recovery. During these calls, case managers may make new recommendations for follow-up care or adjust an individual’s aftercare plan if necessary.

How Long Does Aftercare Last? 

Because no two recovery journeys are exactly alike, treatment plans, including those for aftercare, vary depending on each person’s needs. Just as specific timelines for drug or alcohol rehab programs vary, every drug rehab aftercare program will last a different amount of time.

A client’s overall health and their mental and physical ability to commit to recovery greatly influence the details and length of their aftercare plan. Aftercare program timelines may vary greatly depending on each client’s:

  • Physical well-being: Following rehab, a person may need weeks or months of regular appointments with a primary care doctor to thrive in recovery.
  • Mental health: If someone actively struggles with a severe mental illness like post-traumatic stress disorder or borderline personality disorder, they may benefit from continued therapy appointments during aftercare.

Aftercare plans can change and evolve as people learn to manage sobriety effectively. As recovery is a continual commitment, many aftercare programs last for years, with many plans including sobriety-focused recommendations that a person can practice for the rest of their life.

Family Involvement in Aftercare

Because a person’s substance misuse often affects their loved ones, each rehab program at The Recovery Village Ridgefield involves family therapy to help the whole family heal from the effects of addiction.  

How Do I Talk to My Addicted Family Member?

If you have a loved one who struggles with a drug or alcohol addiction, The Recovery Village Ridgefield’s comprehensive intervention guide can walk you through the basics of an intervention, how and when to stage this meeting, who should attend and more.  

For someone who is in recovery, familial support can make a world of difference. Family involvement is imperative throughout aftercare planning as well, especially if the individual who just finished rehab will be living with their family during aftercare. It’s important that the recovering individual lives in an environment that is free of drugs and alcohol and familiar triggers, and each family member can help contribute to making their home a space that is conducive to recovery.

Each family member’s cooperation in supporting their loved one’s recovery is key, however, this can be challenging for any mother, father or sibling. Family members may need to join a support group of their own, like Al-Anon or Nar-Anon, or they may need to see a therapist to better understand how to support their loved one’s recovery.

Finding Options for Washington Aftercare 

At The Recovery Village Ridgefield, aftercare planning is a part of every client’s recovery after they leave treatment. This facility’s representatives can help you or a loved one get started with a rehab program to take the first steps in recovery, or help you find additional support in aftercare.

Whether you are in the Washington or Oregon area or traveling outside of the Pacific Northwest, we are here to help you locate resources for recovery in your area. The Recovery Village Ridgefield representatives can help you determine which level of care, or type of supportive aftercare strategy, is the best fit for you.

Pursue Long-Term Healing With Aftercare Treatment 

If you struggle with a drug or alcohol use disorder (or know someone who does), it’s important to understand that you’re not alone. The help you need may be closer than you realize, and your recovery is always possible. Whether this is your first time seeking treatment or are looking to refocus on your sobriety, The Recovery Village Ridgefield is dedicated to empowering you to find the healing you deserve. Call The Recovery Village Ridgefield today to get started with comprehensive, effective addiction treatment.

Addiction Aftercare
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