Understanding Ruminating Thoughts

concept on rumination, portraits of people thinking
When a person ruminates, they may believe they’re solving a problem. But repetitive thought patterns with a negative tone can be harmful and unproductive.

Winter Mental Health Awareness in Washington & Oregon

Lady doing yoga next to a window to help relieve stress
While the winter can be a beautiful time of year and a time for holidays and gathering, the season can also be challenging. For some people, winter can create or worsen symptoms of depression or create seasonal mood disturbances. These challenges may also be made worse this year by the ongoing coronavirus. The best thing … Read More

Celebrate a Washington or Oregon Halloween Sober

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Halloween is one of the biggest nights of the year for drinking and partying. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the night if you’re staying sober. Halloween can have its challenges, but there are so many events and ways to enjoy it when you’re in recovery. Ghoulish inspiration is everywhere as you plan your frightful … Read More