Mixing Cocaine and Alcohol

person preparing a line of cocaine next to glass of alcohol

What happens if you decide to mix an upper with a downer? They should balance each other out, right? What is the harm in that? Many alumni of Seattle drug rehab will tell you there is plenty of harm in it.

The twisted logic of mixing stimulants and depressants to “even out” is nothing more than part of the way you may be deceiving yourself into thinking that you can safely mix cocaine and alcohol. Mixing the two is always a recipe for disaster. This dangerous combination can accelerate your addiction and bring you closer to death than you may believe. Do not try to be your own pharmacist by mixing alcohol and cocaine. It is not worth the risk you are taking.

Why Is the Combo So Dangerous?

What makes the combination of cocaine and alcohol particularly dangerous is that it produces a substance known as cocaethylene, which causes a euphoric “high” more intense than either alcohol or cocaine alone. It also enhances the negative side effects of both substances, such as:

  • Increased chance of liver damage
  • Blood pressure increases
  • Heart palpitations
  • Respiratory issues
  • Brain damage and impaired brain function
  • Aneurysms
  • Stroke
  • Coma

There is also the increased chance of sudden death, as there is no way for you to judge precisely how much of the depressant and the stimulant you are ingesting. The combination of alcohol and cocaine alters your mental state, impairing your judgment and making it harder to identify when you are on the way to alcohol poisoning or overdose.

While this alone is frightening, the dangers of cocaethylene increase over time. The ongoing and long-term use of the combination of alcohol and cocaine continues to build cocaethylene in your body and compounds the risk of the side effects. Additionally, if you have an underlying heart condition, the dangers of cocaethylene are even higher, and your risk of more severe results increases dramatically.

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The bottom line is that there is no safe way to mix alcohol and cocaine. In fact, cocaine on its own is one of the most addictive drugs available. If you are using cocaine, now is the time to stop because every time you use coke, you increase your risk of doing serious harm to your body and brain.

Seattle Drug Rehab Can Help

Are you caught in the dangerous cycle of cocaine addiction? We can help. Our state-of-the-art facility is well equipped to help you begin your journey to addiction recovery.

Our holistic approach to addiction treatment is tailored to each of our clients individually. We know your struggle is real and we understand that your recovery journal will be uniquely yours. Via a combination of medication-assisted detox, individual and group therapy, and other support strategies, we will help you find the tools and solutions that work for you. Please do not hesitate.

To learn more about our residential treatment facilitycontact us and one of our addiction specialists will discuss your treatment options with you. Why not pick up the phone now?

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