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Gretchen Koebbe

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    Gretchen Koebbe is a writer and editor based out of Detroit, specializing in academic and evidence-based content. Born and raised in the economically distressed city of Flint, Michigan and from a family history of addiction and mental illness, Gretchen is aware of the daily challenges that people face and the need for treatment that so many individuals have. She is proud to be part of a team that works to share essential information and resources with people and their families who are struggling with substance use.

    Gretchen received both her BA and MA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She also earned her MA in History from the University of Delaware where she studied as a Hagley Fellow. As a graduate student, she studied the history of the environment and the history of technology and industrialization and researched addiction from a historical perspective. When she is not writing or editing, Gretchen likes to make artwork, work in the garden, practice yoga and ski when there is snow.

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