Partial hospitalization program

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is for those who do not require the structure of inpatient rehab but need more care than an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) can offer. No matter where you are in your journey back to health, you can find the help you need for long-term recovery. Explore how our PHP at The Recovery Village at Ridgefield can change your life.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Partial hospitalization treatment programs offer regular therapeutic support to those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Patients live at home, but commute to a treatment facility multiple times per week to participate in intensive therapy. Most PHPs schedule 5–7 days of treatment per week.

Partial hospitalization is appropriate for those who require intensive therapy but do not need overnight supervision. Since PHP patients return home at night, this option works best for people who have healthy support systems.

The difference between partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs is the number of hours of therapy services. Most PHPs schedule 18–20 hours of treatments per week, and IOPs schedule 9–11 hours. Respectively, this might look like four hours of therapy over five days of the week or three hours of therapy over three days of the week.

Components of our PHP

We offer partial hospitalization treatment to adult men and women who are suffering from substance addiction, and any co-occurring mental disorders.

In our PHP, you’ll participate in structured day treatment programs five days per week. Here are some essential elements of treatment at The Recovery Village at Ridgefield, from start to finish.


To determine if a PHP is right for you, we begin with a comprehensive evaluation. Our medical staff will complete a psychiatric assessment, a physical, and a biopsychosocial evaluation. The better we can get to know you, the better we can craft an individualized treatment plan for you.

We’ve found that patients respond best to treatment when their team members get to know them on an individual level and genuinely invest in their recovery. That’s why your primary clinician in this process will be your case coordinator throughout your treatment.

PHP Approach

We take a multidisciplinary approach to recovery and treat the whole person rather than just the addiction behaviors. Our strategic blend of evidence-based and traditional therapies ensures that you benefit.

Our PHP includes:

  • Access to doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, and mental health professionals who specialize in addiction recovery
  • Daily group therapy sessions, including specialty and peer groups
  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Recreational therapy (including yoga)
  • Medication management

Therapy Sessions

Each week, you’ll meet with your treatment team before taking part in the community meeting group. During the morning hours, you’ll take part in programs that align with your personalized treatment plan. For example, you and your medical doctor will meet weekly to review your progress from a physical wellness standpoint. After lunch, you’ll continue in either group therapy or individualized therapy sessions.

In therapy sessions, you’ll dive into topics such as substance abuse, family patterns, sexuality, assertiveness, trauma survival, and much more. You’ll also be introduced to the 12 Steps, which is a useful tool for achieving long-term sobriety. In each session, you’ll review your personal treatment goals and discuss concrete ways for you to stay on target toward those aims.

Family support is often a key to recovery, whether in outpatient or inpatient treatment. Addiction impacts everyone; that’s why we focus on the whole family during family therapy sessions. We provide the space for open, honest conversations. Additionally, studies show that when one person abuses drugs, other family members have an increased risk of developing a substance abuse problem. By replacing old behavior patterns with new, healthy ones, you’ll be able to lay down a new foundation to grow and heal together.


Recovery doesn’t happen immediately upon discharge from PHP. Rather, it is a lifelong process that requires a daily commitment. That’s why we set up rehab aftercare appointments for you, before your discharge date. We will match you with providers located close to your home.

Could Our Partial Hospitalization Program Work for You?

If addiction has been running your life, it is time to take back the reigns. The team members at The Recovery Village at Ridgefield are here to help you towards your goal of recovery. Give us a call if you have any questions — whether you don’t know where to begin, or you’d like more info on PHPs, or you need help sorting out your insurance for rehab. It’s always free to call, and you are never under any obligation. Everything we discuss will be kept confidential.

If you simply need a listening ear, we are here for that, too. We understand your anguish and that feeling that you’ve lost control of your life. The good news is that recovery is always possible.

Our ultimate goal is to see you get better. Make today the day you take back your life. Call us to begin finding the right treatment program for you.

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