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The Recovery Village Opens Detox Center

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Every recovery journey starts somewhere. For someone struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, choosing to get help for their substance use disorder is the first step toward sobriety. The next critical stepping stone — medically assisted detox — lays the foundation for a lifetime of healing.

Across the country, rehab centers and medical detox programs are paving the way to help people leave addiction behind for good and find the strength to thrive without substance abuse. The Recovery Village Ridgefield, a full-service drug and alcohol treatment facility, is one such center making medical detox more accessible than ever in Washington State.

Ridgefield’s Newest Detox Center Opens

As part of the Advanced Recovery Systems network, The Recovery Village Ridgefield offers a full continuum of care programs for substance abuse and co-occurring mental health conditions. The recent addition of a center exclusively dedicated to detox care enables even more people to start their recovery journeys in a safe, supportive environment.

With a grand opening ribbon-cutting ceremony, The Recovery Village Ridgefield Detox Center officially opened its doors on March 27, 2018. This state-of-the-art expansion offers 16 medical detox beds and 24-hour supervision by an established clinical team and addiction specialists. Just minutes away from The Recovery Village Ridgefield’s main campus, the brand-new detox center expands upon the center’s goal of providing a full continuum of care to adults struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Evidence-based, effective detox care isn’t the only advantage this innovative center brings to individuals looking for help with substance use disorder. This new facility raises the bar for rehab treatment in the Pacific Northwest by providing comprehensive care that involves clients and the treatment providers, doctors and counselors who may already be a part of their recovery journeys. “This is a huge step forward for providing high-level care in this area and it provides dual benefits not only for individuals but also for treatment providers,” said Dr. Kevin Wandler, chief medical officer of Advanced Recovery Systems, the parent company of The Recovery Village’s network of treatment centers.

“This … center offers the full continuum of care that Advanced Recovery Systems’ facilities are known for and offers strictly detox, allowing hospitals and other treatment providers the opportunity to continue working closely with their patients on their journeys to recovery,” Dr. Wandler said. Keeping clients connected to their existing treatment providers means each patient has a network of support, both during their stay at The Recovery Village Ridgefield Detox Center and throughout their continued recovery.