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How Going to Rehab Will Change Your Life

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What do substance abuse and drug rehab have in common? They both have the power to change your life. One can ruin it – and one can save it.

This article explores some of the main ways your life will change if you seek treatment for addiction in rehab. There is a way out of whatever mess you find yourself in. This article will give you the hope to take the next step in your journey.

Getting Treatment – You Are Worth It

“You might think of sobriety as a kind of loss, but it’s actually fueled by a sense of gain.” Dr. Rick Hanson.

Sometimes it takes just one discussion with someone who has successfully entered treatment and made the journey into sobriety. That discussion can be the impetus toward wellness when you realize that finally finding self-control around a set of risky behaviors is achievable, sustainable, and right.

This is a positive, life-changing process. We have talked to hundreds of people who have made the journey away from their addictions and are living a new, more enjoyable life that is blame-free, more loving, and even, saner. Many people have traveled through rehab after hitting rock bottom and knowing there was no way to go but up.

So, they started to climb.

Benefits of Drug Rehab

On the way up the sobriety ladder, there are clear-cut benefits – some of them quite surprising – that start to emerge. While each rung of the ladder is individualized, it is typical to find these positive changes emerging.

  1. You will start to respect yourself again. This may feel uncomfortable at first because the blame game is always designed to feed the addiction. You feel bad about yourself so you use and using makes you feel better – but only for a while. As soon as you stop, the guilt comes flooding back, making you feel like the world’s biggest loser. Can you imagine how your heart would feel if this feeling was gone forever?
  2. You will have more energy. Think about the energy it took to recover from a hangover. How much energy did you put into worrying about the next fix or berating yourself for wanting it? Did you ever workout when you were binging? Of course not. But drug rehab will help improve your energy levels, which is a definite life-changer.
  3. You will look better. Consuming drugs or alcohol ruins your skin, teeth, and hair. Wrinkles, bad teeth, a beer belly, and bad skin are all the marks of a serious substance user. Getting into recovery means getting your health back.
  4. You will take an interest in things you had forgotten about. Drugs and alcohol abuse takes away any sort of natural zest for life that makes us inquisitive and interested in everything around us. You will find yourself relearning the joys of simple pleasures like reading or shopping or gardening. What used to make you happy before the substance use? Maybe you will find it right there waiting for you on the other side of rehab.


All these good things – and more – come from putting your foot on the bottom rung of the recovery ladder. Recovery starts in drug rehab. Take that first step by contacting The Recovery Village Ridgefield, and we will help you the rest of the way.

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