Hypnotherapy in Addiction Treatment

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Substance use disorders require recovery and treatment protocols that are adaptive and innovative. Tried and true traditional therapeutic practices combined with holistic and modern approaches to treatment provide options for relief for a variety of situations. One of the newer methods used in some addiction treatment programs is hypnotherapy.

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a form of guided hypnosis allowing you to turn your focus completely internally and learn more about your subconscious mind to help bring about significant change in your life. This is done with the assistance of a professional clinical hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis are forms of therapy that can be used in conjunction with traditional counseling, both group and individual, as well as monitored medications.

Hypnotherapy for addiction treatment is used in the early phases of recovery to help you to look inward at your own truth without the distraction of physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms. Many emotions and memories to unpack and address in the beginning stages of addiction recovery can be overwhelming. Through hypnotherapy and guided hypnosis, you can learn how to react to these traumatic thoughts differently to truly endure, overcome and rebuild your life.

How Hypnotherapy Might Help

Accurate self-examination early on helps you build a solid foundation for long-term recovery. A substance use disorder may cause you to lose your own self-worth and identity. The disease thrives on making you feel as if you cannot survive without your substance of choice. You may find that rebuilding self-worth and identity can be the most challenging part of the recovery process. This can be frustrating, which can cause you to consider leaving an addiction treatment program before you have reaped its benefits completely.

Hypnotherapy for addiction treatment may help make self-examination less daunting. Hypnotherapy allows you the opportunity to readjust and rebuild your entire sense of self, which could otherwise be difficult when you are dealing with anxiety and other symptoms of withdrawal in treatment. Through hypnotherapy in addiction treatment, you can explore the negative self-image of being dependent on or addicted to your substance of choice and you can replace that self-image with a more empowered, proactive self-image. This can ultimately give you the strength needed to maintain long-term recovery.

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Holistic Addiction Treatment Works

While hypnotherapy for addiction treatment is a wonderful tool, it is just one of many that exist to help better manage a debilitating substance use disorder. Not all treatments work for all people and hypnotherapy for addiction might not be the right method of assistance for everyone.

Expert addiction treatment programs offer many resources, therapies and practices to help each individual find their path to wellness. No matter what phase of substance misuse you are currently dealing with, medical professionals are here to help you find your own way to recovery. You can learn more about admissions, therapies, and resources available to you today by contacting The Recovery Village Ridgefield.

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