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How to Celebrate National Recovery Month

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In September we celebrate Labor Day to honor the efforts of American men and women in the workforce. But there is another special day in September that celebrates the hard work and effort of women and men in recovery from mental and substance use disorders.

This article will show some of the ways to enjoy and honor this month-long celebration.

What Is National Recovery Month?

September has been designated National Recovery Month, with the theme of “Join the Voices for Recovery: Invest in Health, Home, Purpose, and Community.” The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), a government entity that provides educational programs for people in addiction recovery and grants to non-profit organizations, designated the entire month to honor their efforts in September.

National Recovery Month honors the caregivers, whether they are family or professional, and the people living and fighting the disease of addiction. Recovery from addiction takes real effort and time. Every struggle is different and every success is measurable on the journey toward health. It is nice to know there is an event that honors your efforts.

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Celebrate recovery during National Recovery Month.

Organizations choosing to celebrate National Recovery Month have an entire toolkit of ways to spread the good word about the event. The National Recovery Month website offers:

  • Banners, logos, and flyers
  • Public service announcements and press releases
  • Suggestions for ways to announce and share in the month with the community

For people working toward recovery, September allows a moment to appreciate all of the hard work that has been completed so far on each individual’s personal journey to beat substance use disorder. There are all kinds of ways to pause and celebrate your individual victories:

  • Contact your local recovery center and see if there are community events to attend and share in the celebration. These events offer an opportunity to commune and share your stories in a positive environment with people just like you.
  • Celebrate with your own personal support network of family, friends, and the professional teams that have helped you along the way.
  • Spend the day in quiet reflection, perhaps take a day off work and take a walk in the woods or treat yourself in some healthful way that honors the work you have accomplished thus far.
  • You may choose to partake in a day of advocacy by writing a letter to the editor or going to meet with your legislators to discuss the importance of continued funding and support for mental and substance abuse networks.
  • Or, simply find some other way to say “thank you” to yourself, your family and loved ones, and the professional and clinical teams that have brought you thus far.

The goal of National Recovery Month, September 2018, is to give back both to yourself as an individual recovering from substance use disorder to the community, to treatment teams, and to the family members and other caregivers engaged in the struggle to fight substance use.

If you are struggling with addiction, September may be the month where you regain control and start the process of getting your life back. To learn more about admissions to our residential treatment facility, contact us today!

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