Gabapentin Addiction Treatment and Rehab in Washington & Oregon

Last Updated: May 26, 2023

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Gabapentin, brand name Nerontin, has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of partial-onset seizures, nerve pain or symptoms of menopause like restlessness or hot flashes. The drug may also be an effective part of treating alcohol withdrawal.

Although gabapentin itself is not reported as a highly addictive drug, it still can be misused by taking higher than recommended doses. Problematic use of gabapentin can be improved through treatment to address underlying reasons for use or abuse of other substances.

Gabapentin Addiction Treatment Options

As gabapentin does not act on the receptors in the brain that are usually associated with addiction, treatments are not usually specific to gabapentin use. However, many drug rehab programs will be suitable in addressing underlying causes for gabapentin misuse and in helping you develop strategies to stay sober.

Treatment options for addiction or drug misuse can include residential, inpatient or outpatient care. These treatments differ by location, intensity and supervision provided during treatment. Residential and inpatient treatment offer live-in care with structured therapy programs and are usually appropriate for serious substance use disorders. Outpatient treatment can include slowly tapering off medication and attending individual or group therapy on a regular basis.

The type of treatment that may be most appropriate for the misuse of gabapentin depends on the reason and type of misuse. For example, those taking more than the recommended dose should not stop the drug suddenly and may require medical care to get off the drug. In contrast, those misusing gabapentin to prevent withdrawal from another substance may benefit from rehab treatment.

Medical Detox

Stopping gabapentin suddenly can come with serious risks and should be carefully monitored. Abruptly stopping your medication can increase the risk of seizures or unpleasant symptoms as your body adjusts to life without gabapentin.

Gabapentin withdrawal treatment may include a gradual reduction of your drug dose as well as medical supervision as the drug leaves your system. This can be done in a medical detox facility, which offers a safe and comfortable environment to withdraw from gabapentin.

Finding a Rehab Center for Gabapentin Abuse

There are many factors that can impact whether a drug rehab program is right for you. For people living in the Portland, Oregon or Washington State area, there are local drug rehab programs available to you that are close to home and the support of friends and family. The Recovery Village Ridgefield offers a range of treatment and service options to support your recovery.

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Gabapentin treatment can help you address underlying reasons for misusing the drug and can help you learn new ways to cope without substances. If you or someone you love is suffering from a substance use disorder or is misusing gabapentin, contact The Recovery Village Ridgefield today to discuss the treatment options available to you.


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