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Homelessness and Addiction in Seattle: Exploring the Connection

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Seattle is no stranger to the rapid growth of drug and alcohol addiction. Seattle is also no stranger the growing homelessness problem, as King County has the third largest homeless population in the entire United States. Both issues are plaguing the Seattle community and there are common bonds between the two.

There is not one united cause of homelessness; those who are homeless become so for a variety of reasons and for varying lengths of time. Some are born into a homeless life and never have access to means by which to escape their environment. Others can come from financial stability and have circumstances arise that change everything.

The cost of living in Seattle is 80 percent higher than the national average, making it difficult for anyone who experiences a loss of job or disability to maintain rent and mortgage payments. Loss of a loved one can mean less income entering the household, which can quickly lead to a life on the street. Misappropriation of funds, being victims of scams, or overindulgent spending can also contribute to someone losing a home.

Tragically, far too often, an addiction to drugs and alcohol is either the cause or result of homelessness.

The Cycle of Homelessness and Addiction

In a survey of the Seattle homeless community conducted in Seattle in 2016, over half of the homeless participants admitted to using drugs or alcohol in some form. Many became homeless due to an extreme addiction that caused all financial means to go toward the substance of choice.

Those suffering from substance use disorder may participate in illegal activity to feed the addiction, which can lead to jail time. Release from jail with nothing to return to can put someone back on the streets yet again.

In other cases, those who have lost everything and become homeless can turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with their current situation. This vicious cycle of being homeless from addiction and turning to addiction due to being homeless can seem like a helpless situation. So where can Seattle residents turn to for help?

The answer is Seattle drug rehab programs. Homelessness can very seldom be solved with just money, and the addiction must be addressed before the homeless addict can begin to rebuild his or her life in a stable and successful manner. There could be underlying mental health issues that lead to addictive behavior or could have even caused a lack of ability to maintain a job that will need as much expert attention as the addiction itself.

The good news is that drug rehab centers are able to help with mental health and addiction through dual-diagnosis programs. Trained counselors are able to provide insight as to what has precipitated the homelessness while teaching behaviors to start a new life as a contributing member of society. Seattle drug rehab provides so many options for the support needed to help overcome addiction and homelessness and is the figurative helping hand for those in need.

There is no better time than the present to take control and make the change you need in your life. You can confidentially contact us to learn how drug rehab can help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to live the life you deserve.