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Three Ways Sobriety Changes Your Life for the Better

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The benefits of sobriety are truly endless. From lengthening the years you get to live a healthy life to bringing you a sense of inner peace and serenity, fighting against a substance use disorder is worth the challenges that may come through the recovery process. The benefits of addiction treatment far outweigh the hurdles of addiction treatment; sobriety is absolutely worth its struggle. Here are just three of the many amazing reasons why sobriety changes your life for the better.

  1. More Life to Live: Using substances decreases your lifespan substantially compared to an individual living a sober life. Some statistics show that drinking two or more alcoholic beverages per day (as an average) will take off twenty-three years off a life. Those who misuse cocaine can expect to lose thirty-four years off of their life, while heroin and methamphetamine users can expect to lose forty-two years. That is approximately more than half of the average lifespan of a person living in the United States in modern times. With so much to experience in life, why do something voluntarily to shorten that gift?
  2. Enhanced Quality of Life: Not only will you have a longer life to live by embracing sobriety, but your quality of life will also be enhanced without the weight of substance misuse weighing you down. Becoming sober allows you to live a life that is without blame. You are able to feel that your life is free from shame or the feeling that you are constantly doing “the wrong thing”. You can feel a sense of pride and accomplishment that you are moving on the right path and putting the dark past of substance use behind you. There will also be an incredible sense of liberation and freedom as you are no longer a prisoner to your former substance of choice. You are now the boss of your own amazing, enriched, sober life.
  3. A Life of New Adventures: Being sober allows you to be at your mental and physical peak. This allows you to experience things you only dreamed of while still restricted by a substance use disorder. You can try new physical activities that you were unable to even attempt previously, like yoga or rock climbing. You can travel to new places without fear of how to travel with or obtain your substance. Plus, your finances are not all being funneled to your substance of misuse, giving you the ability to spend on special treats for you and those you care for the most. You will feel sick less and can actually enjoy the taste of new cuisine. Your head will be clear to be able to pick up new skills, like a second language or a musical instrument. Most importantly, you can build a whole new set of memories with your nearest and dearest.

Benefits of Sobriety

These three ways that sobriety changes your life for the better are a small fraction of an infinite list of wonderful things you will experience once you are free of your substance use disorder. The benefits of addiction treatment alone are numerous. Washington State addiction treatment resources are available to you before, during and after completion of your professional addiction treatment program. Resources are available for your family and friends to help them help you through this journey to recovery. For more information and confidential assistance, contact us and begin the path to your best life today.