Medical Alcohol Detox and Treatment

People experiencing alcohol addiction grapple with compulsive behaviors and intense cravings for alcohol. If someone with this disorder suddenly stops using alcohol, they can experience severe withdrawal symptoms, such as tremors or seizures.

Health care professionals recommend that people withdraw from alcohol in a safe environment with input from a medical professional. Alcohol detox facilities in Washington offer a supportive atmosphere for people experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

What Is Medical Alcohol Detox?

Alcohol detox is typically the first phase of addiction treatment. During this stage, alcohol is removed from the body. In a detox facility, medical professionals might use medications to reduce painful withdrawal symptoms and promote sleep.

Completing a medical detox program is the best way to detox from alcohol for many people. At an alcohol detox facility, doctors can cater to the specific needs of an individual. People who detox from alcohol at home might not have the knowledge or access to resources needed to deal with withdrawal symptoms.

Medically assisted detox care is offered at The Recovery Village Detox Center.

How Does Alcohol Detox Work?

Detox is an effective starting point for recovery because it allows the body to adapt without alcohol. This stage of treatment helps the body get used to abstinence. It can also help control cravings, although cravings still could occur after detox ends.

Detox can lead to abstinence from alcohol that positively affects the brain. Alcohol addiction can shrink the brain and affect the way people function. Detox can help ease the symptoms of withdrawal and support the brain in healing from alcohol misuse.

A study by researchers at the Central Institute of Mental Health in Germany found that alcohol detox can help the region of the brain involving fine motor skills return to healthier levels within 14 days.

Who Needs Alcohol Detox?

People addicted to alcohol typically need an alcohol detox program to cope with withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol detox has helped many people, adults and teens, manage the effects of withdrawal.

Withdrawing from alcohol without medical supervision can be dangerous. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can peak within 72 hours and last for several weeks.

Failing to control alcohol withdrawal symptoms can lead to delirium tremens, which is a symptom of withdrawal characterized by the presence of confusion, shaking and hallucinations. Severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be fatal.

People who have dealt with alcohol addiction for several years are more susceptible to severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Because of this increased risk, these individuals should manage their withdrawal symptoms at a professional detox facility.

You can find medical detox care at The Recovery Village Ridgefield detox center.

What to Expect During Medical Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detox comprises several steps. The first involves completing an intake examination. A person might answer questions about their medical history and undergo a physical and mental health test to gauge their overall well-being.

During this stage of treatment, an individual might receive an alcohol detox medication, such as benzodiazepines. These medicines can reduce symptoms like restlessness, irritability and difficulty sleeping.

Medical professionals typically monitor a person’s health throughout alcohol detox. Doctors may check a patient’s temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and breathing. At the conclusion of detox, an individual typically transitions to residential or outpatient care.

Getting Started With Alcohol Detox in Washington and Oregon

If you experience alcohol addiction, attending a detox facility can help you learn ways to better manage your alcohol problems. Luckily, several detox centers can be accessed from Washington state and Oregon.

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The Recovery Village Ridgefield offers detox services for people dealing with alcohol addiction. To learn more about how detox and other treatment resources can help you cope with alcohol problems, contact The Recovery Village Ridgefield.

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