Medically Assisted Detox

For people who struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction, choosing to seek professional care is the first step in the right direction. The next step, enrolling in a medically assisted detox program, lays the foundation for continued healing from a substance use disorder.

Medically assisted detox care is offered at The Recovery Village Detox Center.

What Is Medical Detox? 

Medically assisted detoxification, or medical detox, is the critical, first part of any effective addiction treatment plan in Washington. Detox helps people cleanse their bodies of all traces of drugs and alcohol, giving them a fresh foundation on which to build their recovery.

As detox is the most physically and mentally demanding level of care, most rehab facilities aim to ensure each patient is well supported and as comfortable as possible during this challenging treatment phase. Most medical detox programs include:

  • 24-hour clinical care
  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Medication management, if appropriate
  • Nutritious meals
  • Comfortable, quiet resting spaces

This painful but necessary process can be uncomfortable, as withdrawal intensifies during this phase of treatment. For this reason, at-home detoxes and cold-turkey approaches can be dangerous. Enrolling in a medically assisted detox program can help ensure a safe withdrawal process and the complete elimination of all drugs from the body under the constant guidance of clinical staff.

Who Needs Medical Detox Care? 

Anyone who struggles with a drug or alcohol use disorder and wants to begin professional rehab care must first complete medical detox. At most facilities, including those in Ridgefield, detox programs precede all other treatment levels as they allow clients to start treatment fresh without traces of drugs or alcohol in their bodies.

This is especially important for individuals who have used drugs or alcohol for an extended period of time. Their bodies will likely be dependent on the effects of these substances, and the withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening, depending on the severity of their addiction. Medically assisted detox care can be life-saving for people who struggle with long-term substances use disorders involving:

People may be prescribed these substances to manage chronic pain or soothe the side effects of mental illness. However, due to the habit-forming nature of each of these drugs, they can prove more harmful than helpful. Individuals who feel that they can’t stop using these types of drugs can greatly benefit from medical detox at an accredited facility like The Recovery Village Ridgefield Detox Center.  

What to Expect During Medical Detox 

The Recovery Village Ridgefield understands that each client has a unique set of mental and physical needs. These needs are accounted for before treatment even begins, and care plans are carefully customized to meet every individual’s personal needs.

Each person’s treatment begins with a thorough physical and psychological assessment upon arrival at the rehab facility. Once in detox care, withdrawal symptoms are managed for as long as necessary, usually for a timeframe of five to seven days or longer, depending on each client’s needs. After people have spent sufficient time in detox, they will have cleansed their bodies of drugs or alcohol and will be medically stable, showing no signs of life-threatening withdrawal. They can then transition to a less intensive level of care, like residential or a partial hospitalization program.

Initial Assessment 

Upon arriving at the center, clients sit down with clinical staff for an initial evaluation. The results of this assessment inform each client’s individual treatment plan during the duration of medical detox care. This evaluation helps doctors, nurses and counselors understand the intensity of each client’s substance use disorder so they can provide appropriate assistance. The intake assessment may include components like a:

  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • Co-occurring mental disorder evaluation
  • Medical assessment
  • Psychological profile
  • Risk assessment

Medical Detox Treatment Process 

Upon completion of this evaluation, clients can begin treatment at The Recovery Village Ridgefield Detox Center, a facility devoted solely to state-of-the-art detox care. In the medical detox care level, clients receive 24-hour clinical support from a team of doctors, addiction specialists and counselors. Complementing this around-the-clock medical support, clients can also benefit from individual counseling sessions during detox if they struggle with a co-occurring mental disorder like depression, anxiety, etc.

Almost immediately after the detox process begins, withdrawal symptoms (and drug cravings) can set in. Side effects of withdrawal can range from mild (headache, irritability, mood swings) to severe (vomiting, muscle tension, tremors) in correlation with the intensity of their substance use disorder. Clinical staff closely monitors these symptoms to ensure each client’s safety, and they may administer specific taper medications when appropriate, which ease these uncomfortable side effects.

Detox care will no longer be necessary after clients have completely cleansed their bodies of drugs and alcohol, managed withdrawal symptoms without constant supervision and are physically and mentally stable. After completing detox at The Recovery Village Ridgefield Detox Center, individuals can take advantage of the full continuum of care at The Recovery Village Ridgefield, through programs like residential treatment, partial hospitalization programming and intensive outpatient treatment.

You can find medical detox care at The Recovery Village Ridgefield detox center.

Finding Medical Detox Treatment Near Washington and Oregon

If you or a loved one want to end your substance use disorder, medical detox care is the critical first step toward lifelong healing. Many rehab facilities in Washington and Oregon offer this level of care, including accredited centers like The Recovery Village Ridgefield. However, it’s important to consider your needs carefully before choosing a program or clinic.

Before settling on a rehab center, seek medical advice about your substance use disorder. You can do this by talking with your primary care doctor or completing a confidential assessment with a representative from The Recovery Village Ridgefield. Your physician, doctor and rehab center representatives can answer your questions about detox and guide you toward an appropriate program in your area.

Nearby Detox Centers 

Searching for Washington or Oregon, detox care? There are plenty of clinics, centers and treatment facilities to choose from in the surrounding areas, but you’ll find the most comprehensive care options within accredited rehab centers. You can rest assured knowing that accredited facilities adhere to the highest standards of medical care and can provide a thorough treatment experience complete with effective physical and psychological care. One such facility is The Recovery Village Ridgefield Detox Center, a new addition to The Recovery Village network that is bringing quality detox care to the Pacific Northwest.  

The Recovery Village Ridgefield Detox Center 

Offering exclusively medical detox care, The Recovery Village Ridgefield Detox Center provides a comprehensive treatment experience with:

  • 16 detox beds
  • Quiet and comfortable rooms
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • 24-hour medical care
  • Counseling for co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Nutritious meals
  • Options in continuing treatment at The Recovery Village Ridgefield
  • The Recovery Village Ridgefield Detox Center The Recovery Village Ridgefield Detox Center

    5114 NE 94th Ave Vancouver, WA 98662 (360) 719-1480

Begin Your Recovery With Washington & Oregon Detox Treatment 

Looking for a Ridgefield or Vancouver, Washington, detox program for yourself or a loved one? Centrally located in Washington state, The Recovery Village Ridgefield Detox Center can help you begin your recovery journey in a safe and supportive manner. To learn more about detox care and program availability at this facility, call The Recovery Village Ridgefield today.

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