How Much Does It Cost to Do a Drug Intervention?

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drug intervention
If you’ve reached the point where an intervention is the only logical choice to get your loved one the help they need, then you’ll want to make sure it’s done the right way. For that reason, you’ve probably looked into hiring an intervention specialist. Below we examine the intervention process, the benefits you’ll receive from working with an intervention specialist, and dive into the common costs surrounding an intervention.

Drug Intervention Steps

An intervention is when the addict’s family will intervene with the addicted person in the hope of getting them to attend rehab. You’re probably wondering how to hold a drug intervention and how to make it a successful one. Most interventions follow a structure similar to this one:

Research and Planning

During the research phase, you’ll learn everything you can about your loved one’s addiction and find the best rehab facility possible that caters to their needs. You’ll plan the date of the drug intervention and get in contact with any friends and family members you’d like to be present. You’ll also decide whether or not hiring an intervention specialist makes sense, and where you want to hold the intervention.

Writing Out What You Will Say

Writing out an actual intervention letter is one of the most effective ways to ensure everything you want to say actually gets said. You can even have family members who can’t make it to the actual intervention write letters that another person will read.

Holding the Actual Intervention

All of this prep work is done to ensure the drug intervention progresses smoothly. On the day of the intervention, your loved one is told to attend the intervention location without knowing what’s taking place. Your family and friends will then take turns reading letters and providing an ultimatum to attend rehab.

Benefits to Using a Drug Intervention Specialist

If you have a loved one whose addiction continues to spiral out of control, then sometimes an intervention will be your only option. However, conducting the intervention on your own can lead to a very hostile environment, one which you may not have the experience to navigate successfully. Usually, an intervention is one of the last things you’ll do to try and stop their addiction from overtaking their life. For this reason, it’s something you’ll need to get right. Hiring an intervention specialist to help with this process can be very advantageous for every party involved.

Help You Get the End Goal You Desire

If you’re holding an intervention, you likely want your loved one to attend a rehab program after the intervention. But, the intervention process needs to be handled in a way that sets up attending treatment as the only logical option. An intervention specialist will be able to increase the odds that your loved one will say yes to intervention by applying their years of experience to the intervention process. They will be able to use the right words and phrases to convince your loved one to attend a treatment program.

Direct the Conversation

It’s easy for you to lose track of what you wanted to say as emotions and tempers start to rise. Interventions are very emotional events. An intervention specialist will help to direct the flow of conversation, so you and everyone else involved can make sure they’re able to communicate everything they want to say.

Handle Intense Situations as They Arise

Will you know what to do if your loved one suffering from addiction shows up under the influence? What about when tempers start to rise, and they threaten to storm out? An intervention specialist can use their years of experience to help keep tempers and emotions cool, so the intervention can progress as it’s meant to.

Common Costs of a Drug Intervention Specialists

The costs will vary depending on the company or individual you decide to work with on an intervention. Common costs for an intervention service will range from $2,500 all the way up to $10,000. The price will depend on the level of service offered and their experience with interventions. When considering hiring a professional, it’s important you choose someone with years of experience and the proper accreditation. Even though it might be cheaper to go with an intervention specialist who has little experience, it might not get you the result you desire. When considering costs, keep in mind the ultimate value of the result. The upfront costs might seem high, but in exchange, you’re increasing the chances your loved one will attend rehab and get their life back on track. How much is that worth to you?

Common Intervention Cost Questions

You probably have a lot of questions related to the overall costs of an intervention. Below you’ll find answers to some of the most common intervention-related questions:

Does insurance cover drug intervention?

Depending on your level of coverage and the provider you’re using a portion of your costs might be offset by your insurance. To find out, get in contact with your insurance provider, or review the specifics of your plan.

Can intervention be free?

An intervention will be free if you conduct it yourself. But, remember, you’ll have to handle all of the initial planning, as well as, the process of the actual intervention yourself.

Are there any discounts available?

Some rehab facilities and intervention providers might be able to offer financing options or monthly payments to cover the cost of the intervention. Get in contact with the facility, or individual, you would like to hire and see what their payment options are.

Do I have to hire a third-party?

During an intervention, you might recommend your loved one attend a certain rehab facility you’ve already done your research on, or have already contacted. Some rehab facilities do provide an intervention service that might even be bundled with the overall cost of rehab. If you’re looking for an intervention specialist or rehab facility, that’ll enable your loved one to finally achieve the sobriety they deserve, then get in touch with the team at The Recovery Village at Ridgefield today.