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Common Barriers to Addiction Treatment

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Fighting addiction is a barrier in itself that can seem impossible to overcome. The last thing you want when deciding to end a drug or alcohol addication is to have additional barriers to substance abuse treatment thrown into the mix. This increases stress and can even deter you or someone you love from seeking the treatment that is so needed and deserved. The best way to conquer these barriers to educate yourself on what they are and how you can get the help you want from qualified drug rehab programs.

Major Barriers to Seeking Addiction Treatment

Here are four major barriers to addiction treatment and how to overcome them:

  1. Lack of Quality Care and Caregivers: Far too often, unqualified individuals prey on the needs of desperate addicts for a financial windfall. People without the proper certifications are providing “treatment” to those addicts that need the expertise of a mental health professional. Not only does this prevent recovery from truly occurring, but it can also harm the individual as well. Overcome this barrier by looking up the credentials of the staff at your drug rehab program of choice. True professionals will have their designations publically available to ensure that you are getting the care you deserve. 
  2. Coverage Ineligibility: Many people cannot finance drug rehab privately and require the assistance of medical insurance. However, it can be challenging for insurance providers to consider certain treatment programs as eligible for coverage. This can be based on how the patient is defined (ie. if admission criteria are met) or whether the insurance provider considers the program legitimate. Overcome this barrier by finding accredited treatment centers that have a history of accepting patients with insurance. This not only legitimizes the treatment program but allows for easier processing on the part of insurance. 
  3. Admission Capacity: Even if a proper drug rehab program is found, there is a chance that there is not enough capacity for admission during this critical time for the addict. Waiting for space to open up can send an addict down a road to overdose, which could be fatal. Overcome this barrier by finding multiple possible treatment centers. Do not wait on just one to accept you or your loved one, as the addiction could take a firmer hold in this lapse period. 
  4. Information Availability: One of the most common barriers to seeking substance abuse treatment is simply not knowing what is available. Many people have a preconceived notion of what a drug rehab program consists of without realizing all of the multi-faceted treatments available. Overcome this barrier by doing your research. Learn what your chosen program offers throughout the stages of recovery and learn how your treatment center will help you battle your addiction.

Although there may be obstacles on the road to recovery, it is paramount that you do not let them derail you from getting help. You have allies in this fight; contact us now and let us help you break down any barriers stopping you from a clean and sober life.