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Why You Should Consider Out Of State Treatment

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When looking at recovery options, it is important to know that making a geographical change is never the sole answer. However, it can be a critical tool for achieving long-term sobriety. Going to a recovery center outside of your familiar environment can physically remove certain dangers from the those that are newly sober, but it has to be partnered with a variety of other factors in order to be conducive to successful treatment. If you’re reviewing recovery options, here are some points to consider when making this difficult decision for you or a loved one.

1. Going Out of State Removes Your Access to Drugs

Removing yourself from your typical environment can keep you from experiencing visual triggers such as places that were a part of your active use. It will also keep you from interacting with those you’re trying to avoid, such as drug dealers, those that are actively using, and codependent relationships. During this time, it is important to clear your head and attempt to leave those negative experiences behind, but it can be challenging to do so when physically inside the same environment.

2. Going Out of State Can Give You a Fresh Start

By surrounding yourself with new people who don’t know about your past experiences, it gives you the opportunity to become more open and vulnerable. Having the chance to let your guard down and be honest with yourself can help you gain ownership of your addiction and start over with a fresh slate.

3. Going Out of State Can Inspire Change

Relocating to a brighter, more beautiful place can naturally help you to feel more inspired about your future. For those who have spent the majority of their life in one geographical area, it can be easy to get stuck in what’s familiar and steer away from significant change. But experiencing life in a new city, a new home, and a new community can inspire you to try something new, learn from others’ experiences, and build healthy, trusting relationships with new people.

4. You Can Continue Your Recovery in Your New Area

Going to a recovery center in a foreign city doesn’t mean that it ends once the program is over. There are often multiple halfway houses, meetings, and community centers within those cities so that those in recovery can continue their sobriety in the same geographical location. Since you most likely haven’t spent time in this city outside of your recovery, it’s common to associate it with a safe, positive place where you can feel supported on your journey.

5. Going out of state can increase your privacy

When thinking of recovery, many addicts are discouraged from attending because they fear a lack of privacy. When scared that others will gossip or speak poorly about your situation within their community, it makes sense that you should shy away from speaking about your addiction openly. However, in a new community, you can be assured that your privacy will increase and feel comfortable talking about your struggles without worrying about gossip.

6. Inpatient programs can foster healthier lifestyle changes

When stuck in your addiction or recently recovering, it’s possible that you’re eating poorly and living a sedentary life. In rehab facilities, however, it’s common that they have in-house chefs and activities to keep you engaged and feeling good about your recovery. Having a change of scenery in an inpatient treatment program can offer you new perspectives and encourage you to make healthier choices.

7. Out of State Rehabs Incentivize You to Stay on Track

As we all know, buying plane tickets and paying for a live-in treatment center in a different state isn’t cheap. It’s common for families to even dedicate large amounts of their savings into your recovery. This can incentivize a lot of people to stay sober, go through the full program, and come out successfully on the other end. Since recovery centers don’t give “refunds” for those who don’t make it through the program, this is a major incentive for those working to get sober.

8. International Options Should Not Be Overlooked

Although it’s less common, it can be highly effective to consider international options when looking at recovery centers. Immersing yourself in new cultures, learning foreign languages, and experiencing a diverse range of people can offer new world perspectives and ways of understanding life.

Is Out of State Rehab Right For You?

Making the decision to go out of state for rehab is a decision that should be made based on a variety of factors, but for the majority, this is a great option worth considering. Although it can be expensive, there are plenty of ways to make it affordable for you and your loved ones. From living in a new environment to making new friends, to gaining a new perspective on sober life, having a change of scenery can be the game-changer for you and your recovery journey.