Opioid Addiction Treatment in Washington State

Treatment for opioid addiction has helped thousands break their dependence on these powerful drugs and start their recovery journey. It’s time to get your life back.

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Opioid addiction often starts with a prescription for pain medication. As your body becomes dependent on it to function, you may find you’d do anything to take more. According to the Washington State Department of Health, 68% of local drug overdose deaths between 2007 and 2021 involved opioids. Trends show that opioid prescriptions have rapidly increased, which increases exposure to the addictive substance.

Opioid overdoses have taken thousands of lives, but evidence-based addiction treatment saves lives and can help you begin a new life in recovery.

Opioid addiction can happen even when you take the drug as prescribed.  

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What Is Opioid Use Disorder?

Opioids and opiates are highly addictive drugs. When a person has an opioid use disorder, they lose control of their opioid or opiate use and continue to take these drugs despite negative consequences. Willpower alone may not improve this medical condition; it often takes opioid addiction treatment. Signs of opioid use disorder include:

  • Taking more or larger doses than prescribed
  • Needing higher doses for the same effects
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Hiding opioid use from others
  • “Doctor shopping” 
  • Behavior or mood changes
  • Hurt relationships
  • Poor work or school performance

Why Choose Our Addiction Treatment Center?

Over 45,000 people have trusted The Recovery Village treatment centers with their addictions and co-occurring mental health conditions. Clients at The Recovery Village Ridgefield graduate from our evidence-based opioid rehab with the tools, self-awareness and support needed for an opioid-free life. Anyone can overcome opioid addiction if they devote themselves to their recovery and receive patient-centric, personalized care.

Opioid Rehab Programs in Washington State

Successful opioid addiction treatment has several steps. Our programs help you tackle the physical, emotional and mental symptoms to give you the best chance at lifelong recovery.  

What Happens in Opioid Rehab? 

At The Recovery Village Ridgefield, we treat the entire person — not just their addiction. Our methods are backed by research and results, then personalized to meet each client’s needs. 

Personal Therapy

Our counselors work with each person one-on-one to address their symptoms and thought patterns to find the root of their addiction.

Peer Support

Clients have regular group therapy sessions for support, guidance and fellowship with others in recovery.

Continuum of Care

People are more likely to relapse if they leave treatment too soon. Clients can step down to lower levels of care as their condition improves so they always have the right amount of support.

Supportive Downtime

Recreational therapies, sports and invigorating vistas can help people build relationships with drug-free peers and develop hobbies that support recovery.

Invigorating Meals

Opioid misuse can wreak havoc on your health. Our chef creates delicious and nutritious meals designed to boost recovery and motivate inpatient clients.

Relapse Prevention

At every stage of care, we’re preparing you for graduation. We’ll build a relapse prevention plan and connect you with vital post-treatment resources.

Explore your insurance benefits to pay for opioid rehab:

  • Most health insurance providers cover opioid rehab. 
  • We’re in-network with most insurance providers.
  • Verify your insurance coverage for opioid rehab with us. 
  • We’ll help you understand your coverage and benefits.
  • Paying for rehab without insurance is also an option.

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The opioid epidemic is real, but you’re not alone in this. Read our reviews and learn why The Recovery Village Ridgefield may be the best place for your recovery.

Damon R.
18:29 31 May 23
Great place for a spiritual recharge and new perspective. Just what I needed.
Angela D.
18:45 24 May 23
I absolutely had the best experience here at ridgefield recovery village I miss everyone so much shout out to Danny Scott Jeremy Vernon Holley and Steph and Kathy you guys ROCK and for any reason I ever had a slip up I would definitely be back there 100 days clean and sober today thank you RVR
Steve T.
22:09 27 Apr 23
My experienc was excellent and I strongly recommend it.
Allyson N.
19:55 17 Apr 23
The staff in very friendly and helpful. They have a very nice place and help client's
shawn S.
04:35 15 Mar 23
Ridgefield absolutely saved my life, Cindy,Danny, Jeremy ,K.P are the best councilor I have ever had,and Kathy, Stephanie are the best BHT's ever I truly love all of them, while I was there myself and the clients became a family we called ourselves the band of brothers along with a few sisters, I love you all keep up the great work
Tanner R.
20:05 14 Mar 23
This place was the beginning of the rest of my life. Really gave me a new perspective and hope of being the person I always knew I could be.

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